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4 ways to capitalize your online body of work

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There are golden opportunities out there in creators land. When you like to cash in, reconsider your strategy.

Why work for pennies when after many years of online creation, your work has great value? I’ll help you capitalize it in a way that fits you best.

I have been writing…

It’s difficult to take a break from a content pyramid — But sometimes you should

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Your chance of becoming a top writer on Medium earning a sports car with one blog is 0,000057%. Abort the ship?

On the contrary.

Medium jumped from 30.000+ writers at the beginning of 2020 to 175.000+ now. And let’s not blame everything on cojonas.

You make $1.20 on average for…

Don’t let society collapsing bring you down — you deserve better

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I’m sick of the next headline telling me to fight something I didn’t create.

It's almost impossible, with today's intrusive A.I-driven news, not to get caught into omnipresent war narratives. They urge you to;

  • Fight climate change that you didn’t cause
  • Fight a virus that you didn’t ask for
  • Fight…

According to Bitcoin oracle Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor. Source; Inverse

Bitcoin already is the best performing institutional great asset of the year. It’s up 344% in the last 12 months. That’s like going with the speed of sound — Michael Saylor

Bitcoin has been created to cripple banks.

The unstoppable code of Bitcoin will further climb where banks will crumble once crash bailouts are a thing of the past.

However, according to crypto-oracle Michael Saylor, banks can play a crucial role in the short term further adoption of the flagship cryptocurrency.

That, and these two other reasons, will accelerate Bitcoin’s price beyond affordability for you and me>>>

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