A Wise Man Revealed How to End the Palestine-Israel Conflict Just Before He Died

These five truths will transform all conflicts.

Lucien Lecarme


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In the heart of the Jordan desert, where time seems to stand still, I encountered an old wise man on a recent journey. I left the safari group for a few hours, wandering under the late afternoon sun, searching for an oasis. I found him sitting before a small bedouin tent under some date palms. A rare feeling struck me that he had been waiting all his life to meet me when his kind eyes invited me to sit before him.

These eyes held the wisdom of ages, and as we sat by the oasis, he decided to unveil five truths that, as I came to understand later, could end the Israel-Palestine war.

And transform all personal conflicts, too, for that matter.

The sage had once been a school teacher in Damascus who had dedicated the latter part of his life to meditation on the intricacies of war and conflict. His story unfolded like a gentle breeze in the desert, carrying profound insights.

These are the five truths to end all wars the old man laid in the sand before me with his words of love, like desert roses.

The first simple truth

In the serenity of the dunes, he spoke his first simple truth — so powerful that if leaders embroiled in wars over money, resources, and power could grasp it, all wars would cease.

He urged me to apply this wisdom to my life, promising it was the key to transforming any conflict into growth.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, he delved into the roots of all conflicts.

He revealed that the emotions fueling wars — hate, rage, greed, pain, and separation — were deeply personal. He assured me they always came from individual pain and trauma.

As all conflict does.

The old man debunked the notion that systems, not humans, were responsible for the world’s malaise. With a twinkle in his eye, he asserted that people crafted politics, wars, and conflicts: you, me, and all others on this magical planet.

Wars arise from unresolved deep pain projected on the world stage.



Lucien Lecarme

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