Absolutely dear Sari, that’s all a big illusion to keep us, working bees, busy. Nature is abundant, as time is. We are an intrinsic part of nature, that makes us abundant too, in time and resources and joy (our birthright) and much more.

It is merely our Western story of culture that is a result of our values, that introduces the illusion of scarcity. Now suddenly, we needed to compete for scarce time, money and so fort. With each other.

When we change our values, starting with each and everyone of us, we are slowly changing our story of culture: the answer on the question what makes us human.

Humanity is nothing less than our shared quest to discover what it means to be human.

The more you resist this wave, the more you will suffer

We are al the threads of this story of culture, change your personal story, and you change the universe, more aligned with what you, in your core, are.. aligned with the universal laws of nature, karma and destiny.

Namaste, have a great day

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