Is a war with Iran the end of the U.S and the beginning of humanities dark night of the soul?

How to collectively change our story of separation and disrupt our reality into unity

I feel this big sigh, the ohhh, not again. Not another war with Iran in the Middle East starting with a lie and just benefiting a few while thousands die and suffer. And I feel the world feels it too.

Do you feel it?

Maybe it comes from people realizing that the construct of creating an enemy to go to war to has worn out. People just don’t believe in it anymore, we are just going through the motions.

The ideological framework that used to work in the period of the cold war, the idea of a real enemy and threat, has gone into decay in the last decades.

On the other side, we haven’t figured out how to stop this all and go to the next level in the game that’s called humanity.

But one thing is for sure, we are up for something better, bigger and more human than making the next war over oil, dollars and re-elections. More than 75% of Americans don't want a war with Iran. I guess 90% of the rest of the world would be against it when asked.

So where is the exit of this level?

Even our politicians, army generals and talking heads don’t want this war. If you would look in their hearts, they want a better planet for their children and grandchildren. They are as human in the core as you and me. They are caught up in ‘the system’ the same way as most of us. They are programmed to fulfil their role, because that is how they are used to receive reward, recognition and why not, even love.

But they might be the people that suffer the most being caught up in that role. Just imagine for a minute what it would be like being Donald Trump for a day? Poor guy.

The core of our old story is separation

Islamic people are different than Christians, Mexicans are not Americans, You are not me.

It is time for another story, but how?

Our linear thinking and fixing problems with one solution attitude

Apart from our story of separation, we are caught up in our linear thinking that always presents THE solution to a problem.

For a while, the war on terrorism was THE solution to keep the world safe, to keep us safe. A problem arose; terrorist attacks, 9/11, lone wolves bombing civilians, and a ‘solution’ was presented, the war on terror.

The problem here is we are fixing the disease, not the virus that caused it

It all starts with looking at what causes terrorism. It is caused by the increasing economic inequality in the world, creating people that have nothing to lose, combined with a very dangerous religious separatism and indoctrination to kill the enemy because he is a non-believer. And it is caused by violence, by killing innocent civilians in proxy wars that spread deep hate.

Many people see through this now, and realize that a new war with Iran potentially will be the breading ground of a new generation of terrorists.

Has America become the biggest threat on our planet?

Another example

The failing element in the false debate of the ‘problem’ of immigrants is not about building a wall as ‘the solution’ of the problem. The issue is to look at ground causes. A global financial system that created unprecedented inequality, combined with centralized legislation of violence through governments. This makes the lives of people in certain areas of the world so miserable that they think; anything is better than living on my birth ground. I risk even my life for it to move away to a very uncertain future.

Just imagine for a second how it would be to live in that reality, how bad we take care of our fellow earth citizens.

Another solution-driven methodology is the superhero solution.

Photo by Fredrick john on Unsplash

This is brought by us in more than 50% of Hollywood movies and many of present-day Netflix series. The world lives in peace, but a bad guy comes and takes our money, children, or lives. The hero rises, chases and kills the bad guy. Problem solved.

This storyline is programmed deeply in our shared Western cultural believe. It would make young innocent guys sign up for the army to fight the “bad guy ”out there. When the good guy would wipe out the complete family, or why not, the complete village of the bad guy with a high tech drone, he still would be considered good, even when the bad guy ‘only’ killed one person.

This is the start of something that is hard to end. Unless we start to believe in other storylines, show these in movies, write about them.

How can a new story we believe in change our reality?

This change will emerge bottom-up, grassroots.

It won’t be a new program, or a new solution to a problem, or a new system even. That is trying to fix something with the same thinking that created it.

It will arise by reacting differently to the old story.

By disrupting the old story with different behaviour. When you don’t believe the old story of separation anymore, stop behaving like it. This requires awareness, courage and authenticity.

It only will work after deep reprogramming, adopting a real sense of wholeness that we can carry throughout our day, in what we do, in how we approach other people. You might get there through a spiritual practice, you might feel that overall one-ness through a plant medicine journey. This one moment of unity might change your perspective on reality.

Thousands of people everyday start opening up to this energetic field,tapping into a quantum field of infinite possibilities and abundance. Believe it or not, but that will be part of the next story of humanity.

At the same time, I feel very far away from that reality when I look around in the world today. But this doesn’t stop me personally to keep on believing in it and working towards it.

It is awareness revealing the deeper truth about who we really are, through us

So, yes, it is about a new view on who we are, what we are capable of. It translates, for example, in a new way to approaching people, situations and ‘problems’ in a more holistic, accepting, loving sense.

We humans are capable of generosity, in giving freely. The only problem is that there is no money in that. Let’s change that paradigm.

When trump is my brother, I will approach him in a way to find that part in his heart that wants a better world. Because it is there, he has that part. I would try directly to speak towards that hidden part.

Since I won't meet trump, I start with my neighbour. I will call upon his heart and awareness when he blames immigrants, China or anything made wrong by mainstream media. It starts with not making him wrong and keep on tuning in to that sense of unity, that is always there in fact. It is the core of our hearts, it is what we are made of, it is our ultimate truth.

In this way we can stop wars by starting to be kind to our neighbour. Only 24% of Americans living in urban regions know their neighbour. So there is a lot of work to be done there, and this can start today.

I know it all sounds maybe hippie gritty new agy to you, I get it. But hey, I live in Ibiza.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The question is, are we just at the beginning of that tunnel?

Maybe a next US-IRAN war is the final push we need to let go of our old beliefs. Insight through catharsis. Peace through war. There is no light without darkness.

When I further tap into this global rise of awareness of our heart's longing for unity, I see that Trump needed to be that symbol of humanities shadow. He needed the role of narcissistic hate tweeter to push beyond any decent morality or even common sense.

For a while, it was fun, amusement. Politics turning into cartoons and news into entertainment. But with the ascent of war, it becomes serious again, because so many civil human lives will be lost again. That's a clear line to draw.

In the search for reasonable explanations, I see that it is not his power alone. There is a bigger play at work here. And this is not a world elite directing us in world submission by dividing us, for them to have world dominance. The word is too complicated and multi-layered for conspiracy theories.

Photo by Jørgen Håland on Unsplash

It is us.

It is apparently the need for humanity to project its darkest shadow on a policy of separation, of dividing people instead of uniting them. It is our collective shadow. It is humanity testing how far we can push it, till everything falls apart.

It is like a child testing its boundaries, playing with fire until it gets its finger burned for real.

A possible but very eminent war with Iran is that last push. It will be the tipping point, where the shadow that Trump represents becomes the dark night of the soul for America, and thus for the world.

Maybe we are just at the beginning of the dark night of the soul of humanity

It is the fire the kid created in the kitchen but now will completely burn the house down.

Our house, the earth, is already burning. It seems that our big mother earth is getting sick. Maybe its wildfires in California, The Amazon and Australia are the inflammation.

But there is always hope, it starts deep within you.

Change your story of how you want to see the world, your political leader, your family and friends and your neighbour today, and the world will look different tomorrow.

It is the separation within us that makes this all possible. When we believe in a story of a world where magic appears, magic will appear. When we feel whole, the world outside of us slowly starts to be whole. When we leave the story of separation slowly behind, more unity will arise at the horizon of the destiny of humanity.

Lucien Lecarme

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