Dear Desiree Driesenaar,

Wat een mooi verhaal !

What a great story, thank you for sharing and your compliment.

I learned that I cannot oppose my truth on somebody, even if that truth feels so important to ‘save the world’. People have their own processes of finding their truths, in their own time. Sometimes letting go of an opinion is painful. It can give security, a ground under our feet.

Also, opinion is different that truth. People surely can have different opinions, and they should. The last weeks I learned a lot from different people with very different opinions.What it did was this: if opened my scope.

Holding on to your own truth can also become narrowing down and closing down for other possibilities, slight nuances, different angle’s.

Beautiful how you share your experience of mediating between 2 clashing opinions, and creating a win-win-win. I do believe the ground for this is respect, and that is often very quickly lost in the process on platforms like Facebook. This is also because people are tensed, stressed and many still in a lot of fear.

Again, compassion is a great practice to be of service to a collective that needs healing on a grand scale, without choosing sides, but to listen to your own heart.


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