Dear Dominik Vanyi,

Thank you for your very interesting article. I live in Ibiza and I wrote a kind of similar piece. I decided to write it because I was sick in January 2020, for about 3 weeks, with all the same symptoms as Corona.

Than I posted a question in our local Ibiza Facebook community of winter residents. I asked how many got sick with the same symptoms in December 2019 or January 2020. The reactions were overwhelming. I counted more than 60 people confirming the same kind of illness.

Still this does not make that Corona before all the 60 and me would got tested and prove to have antibodies.

Anyways, I included your story into mine, maybe you want to return the call, feel free. It is funny that both Ibiza and Bali are part of the Conscious community world capitals. Conscious people living healthy, eating healthy and keeping their immune system up ! And we have the local Ibicenco people, mostly ex-farmers, that look pretty healthy to me too.

Probably the paella and good olive oil and abundant sunshine might be the best solution in all of this.

Stay well !

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