Dear Livia Dabs

Fully Agree.

We will have some challenges to face, like more and more surveillance( to protect us, ahum), and maybe even a global governance and whatever the plan is.

But what the heck

All actions that come from fear are a dead end in the end.

The individual question for people is weather they want to swim against the tide of humanity (more control, still holding on to greed, me-me-me, fear based actions and contracted consciousness) or let go and follow their love, their hearts, connect to others, thrive together and make a more beautiful world come alive that we all know is possible.

I also believe in the redistribution of wealth from the top of the pyramid, into the wallets of all. Once the system will crack, when high frequency light will enter the hearts of the most fearful in this world, we indeed need to learn to do with less.

World equality and sharing means living a more minimalist lifestyle. How else are we going to feed 7.5 billions mouths?

I am giving away stuff at the moment and cleaning all things I no longer need. I feel it is good to travel light in the near future. To grow my own food and connect to communities around me that are leaving the old paradigm or already left longer ago.

A wise man once said: All we need to be happy is shelter, food and company.



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