Dear Tim, I know you don't read responses, but here I go

I've red about 200 of your pieces and clapped my hands dry, all of them bringing real value in this world, I can't thank you enough, real genius

This piece is not genius

you're picking a side, the conventient side

for now

its sad that the 2021 social dynamics are forcing people to think they need to pick sides and start blaming the 'others', from an unprecedented amazing ethical supremacy, without any opening for meeting the other in their world, their thoughts. their fears

its also a convenient side

the side you can hide behind a socially accepted narrative and suddenly there is no slightest gram of doubt that you are right, you are backed up by governments that have the best intentions for us, the people

deep inside, you must know it doesn't work like this

history will proof you wrong my son

Ever heard of segregation? look it up

nothing, really f**** nothing makes that right

nor does framing, demonatizing, hate speech, discrimination, and excluding 25% of the world population, the people that haven't lost their critical thinking

i am not saying you do this, but your getting close, just one more lockdown and lets go after the scape goats

get real

people discriminating big chunks of society because of medical choices was criminal not long ago, in fact, there was medical privacy

I almost could have sued you for writing this in fact... not in 2021, the game gas changed, laws permit to downgrade to our lowest emotions

don't go there, stay in your heart that includes, not exludes from fear

i feel for you, living in a close to fascist country

i really do

its pretty difficult to stay sane in the head

i am afraid you cant see it anymore clearly, and this is meant really from a deep feeling of saddness for the state of the world, beyond covid

you never, never, for any, any reason, can exclude people, from any race, from any colour, from any believe, and be happy that they're excluded from society since they are at least a tiny bit critical for what's going o... at the same time, they are cut off. not heard.. and you think its strange there is mistrust?

follow the signs

empowerment means choosing yourself first to be able to help other, like in a plane

giving your power away means starting blaming and shaming others, thats toxic

there is no glory in that, people are not a danger to each other, never, we need each other

my heart is with you, not from a higher position, just as a brother

I walked in a demo in Amsterdam the other day. 250.000 people, vaxxed, unvaxxed, a march for freedom, hand in hand. I will write a piece about that, from a neutral position. since i love to stay open to all descisions, all narratives, all opinions

exit the fear paradigm, its breaking down our civilization

its not about this, this choice: vaxxed / non vaxxed

we've neem played into this, dont fall for it

zoom out

It is about staying human and in compassion, and having the freedom to choose, that's our basic universal right and nothing, nothing, even Tim Denning, can overrride that

love ya

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