Five Free Benefits of Going Back into ‘The System’

Embark on a mission to change the system from within

Lucien Lecarme
7 min readJun 25


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I never thought I would be writing this.

I moved back into the system. I moved back from Ibiza to the Netherlands.

Twelve years ago, I escaped the system by moving to Ibiza, the island of freedom. I never thought I would return to the taxes, health insurance and consensus reality matrix.

Guess what? I’m enjoying the process.

I found a bungalow next to a monumental farm and am paying scraps in return for being an anti-squat service. My bathroom is the size of the tiny house I paid €800,- a month for in Ibiza.

That’s 1–0 for the system.

I am breaking through fears and shadows as if they’ve been cheap snake-oil illusions.

One other example is the health insurance I took the other day. It was a trillion years ago I had health insurance. The good news? I will get more bonus back than I need to pay for the insurance.

2–0 for the system. They’re actually paying me to have insurance for when something might happen.

Deep inside, my rebel voice tells me something about the heated water and the frog. The new normal totalitarian power grab happened only two years ago, remember? Am I insane to go into the lion’s mouth?

Hell, I am here to find out. After all, Neo is inside the Matrix to transform it and outside with his consciousness. For now I love it back in the system.

Here are five free benefits of the welfare state while becoming an agent of change. Join the journey!

The comfort of the welfare state

Overall, I’m feeling good. I feel the warm bath of the welfare state.

The benefit of being in a rich country like Holland is simply the wealth I experience everywhere around me.

I feel a Mexican being granted access to the U.S. (No offence, Mexico). The interesting fact is that some of my spiritual Ibiza friends are buying land in Mexico as if it were the promised land.



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