• TaylorRuth


    Contributing writer to Recovery International, The Ascend, and Innovation. As seen in Are We Europe, & Culture Trip. Sober Party Girl : livingwanderfull.com

  • Margherita Amici

    Margherita Amici

    Writer with a mission: popularize technology issues. Blockchain & Crypto focused.

  • Paula Jago

    Paula Jago

    MBA-Qualified Business & People Operations Specialist

  • Garry


    Old and dead, acumulative judgementsl selfserving alteration of American values for some, for personal values that mean something to me,

  • John Leyden

    John Leyden

    I’m an optimistic human who enjoys writing, adventures, and other optimistic humans. johnleyden.com

  • Michael Arthur, MPA, MCNE®🇨🇦🇬🇭

    Michael Arthur, MPA, MCNE®🇨🇦🇬🇭

    I help real estate investors learn how to build wealth efficiently using the Successful Real Estate Investor Toolbox. 🏠🏢💰

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