Good Read, thank you for writing it. Many Populist leaders in the world are also Narcissists. Years ago in the Netherlands we had to deal with the rise of Geert Wilders. Our Dutch press just didn’t knew how to deal with the public offensive statements, the floods of hate and separation that Populist like to achieve. They are never there to solve problems, they are here to divide, set different groups in society up against each other (good example is the recent buzz about young MAGA hats wearing students staring off a very respected Indian leader in your country). The coctail of Narcissists and Populism and being one of the most powerful men on earth has a very dangerous aftertaste.

One solution is: Never enter the toxic hate debate.The students that stared down the Indian leader are victims of absence of moral guidance from your countries leader. The Veteran symbolizes wisdom. When you see that kids are manipulated into something their hearts know its wrong: Re-educate them, don’t hate them: They are your future.

For your press to treat Trump as a mental health victim is very dangerous. Although it is better than taking what he says serious.

The one and only solution would be not covering him at all.

With every hate tweet or discriminating behavior, his power grows when you give this constant attention and shout ooohh, ahhhh, remarkable, unprecedented, unheard of, etc.

I believe that the Trump is clever enough to use the Populist handbook strategy to always cause anger, hate and disbelief, by constantly looking for the edge. His Mexican wall is so perfect symbolic for this shout and separate strategy. For sure his Narcissistic side just dwells in all this attention, and there must be a real Psychic problem behind all of this. BUT DON’T MAKE HIMSELF A VICTIM. Sure, you can feel compassion and pray for him and America. Its better to include him, take him serious and sent some love once in a while. But stay out of the toxic hate game is my advice.

I see it this way: apparently we need to go deeper into to the shadow of humanity with this current Populist wave. We have to life out our darkest edges in order to move on to more inclusion, compassion, abundance and maybe one day even wisdom, responsibility and love. Populism is a mechanism to take away the attention from real issues that need to be solved to emotional warfare over peanuts.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Puts it in the best way possible:

The Elite has 99 balls. They hire the populist leader that tells the middle class: Watch out those immigrants, they are coming to steel your ball!

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