Great tips! thanks a lot. I clapped!

Have a question about opening a second medium account. I am considering doing this to publish in my native language, to get more interest for my book that is in Dutch.. and I have many Dutch blogs on websites (to import). I guess this is about whether the Dutch writers and community are big enough in Medium.. at this moment, US writers about Tech are dominant is my guess… that's why I got here in the first place since I write about blockchain, decentralization, and Since my novel will be translated, and to promote the UK version, I might consider opening another MEDIUM account since the theme of my book is empowerment, spirituality.. but at the same time, it is a future novel and has some technology in it… so, maybe when I can manage to bridge that gap to my current followers ( by writing blogs about empowerment and technology) I might be better of staying at one account. The question here that can be useful to others is: is writing blogs about very different topics a good idea in one account when one purpose is to get a lot of followers. Some potential followers won't follow since there is diversification in themes. I am not writing, by the way, purely out of promotion motivation, I just love to write and share my thoughts with the world. As most of us here on this cool platform do I guess.

Your opinion would be of much help, thank you so much,


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