How Health has Become an Ideology and Vaccination a Religion

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Lucien Lecarme
8 min readJul 30, 2021


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The biggest wars in history have been fought over just one idea. An idea growing so big it became a religion. The biggest wonders of innovation for humanity always started with just one, simple, new idea.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, wrote French poet Victor Hugo 136 years ago. He’s right.

Ideas form ideologies, and they push humanity forward or bring out the worst in our collective.

Covid is not only a crisis. It's a Trojan horse for a new idea. A new world view. A new ideology.

I don’t think this idea will last very long nor it will fit in the Nobel prize for bringing humanity forward where we should be a category.

The idea?

The new normal.

The 21ct century Ideology of health fueled by the religion of vaccination.

Why is the new normal an ideology?

Images of blood, ugly wars, dark ages and men with beards planting axes in each other heads probably come up when you see words like ideology and religion. The stuff we love to watch on Netflix.

Zoom out for a moment. Leave the war field and find yourself lounging in space while Jeff Bezos pours you a whiskey.

You’ll see that earth is divided into leaders and followers, masters and slaves. The masters fit in one Azzam 590 foot superyacht, the slaves in a continent like Africa when you pack them up with 1,5-meter distance.

For the elite in power, the game is to control our minds, what we think. Teach us at school that being a slave is a good thing.

The best tool for this is to create an ideology.

When the old one runs out of fuel, Capitalism, invent a new one. That’s what’s happening right now.

An ideology is a set of ideas about people, human relations and the organization of society — translated from the Dutch wiki

A new ideology has been rolled out, but now on a global scale: The so-called new normal.



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