Why it’s not Helpful to Write About Covid From Fear

Write about a beautiful, positive, empowered world instead

Lucien Lecarme


Writing about Covid19 feels to me like writing about a carton of milk that I left in the fridge too long and now greenish mould appears around the opening. In fact, covid19 is kind of mould in itself.

How long you can milk out a subject?

I guess the answer is the period when it brings value and is relevant? The next question is who decides that? Well, you do, as a creator, as a writer.

I mean, really, who loves to read about mould for about almost 3 months daily now. Do you?

I don’t think its healthy, and I don’t mean covid.

I’ll come back to why it is actually healthy to not write about covid19 for yourself and others in a sec.

But eventually, it is what readers want to read. They are sick of covid, well, I am. Not literally, but I actually can’t see the word anymore without my energy levels dropping in an instant and my heart going into a freeze.

And here I get to the core of the matter.

Covid has become the media bogey man.

It has scared the hell out of people and still does. It scared me in the beginning. I thought I had the chance of dying the first three weeks of the ‘pandemic’, but I didn’t. I also realized I have this chance, well, literally every day.

So I got my shit together and made the best out of the lockdown. I started writing about how to empower yourself in home imprisonment, why the virus is a miracle in disguise, how to choose love over fear.

My income dropped because fear sells, Love does less.

But hey, now I start writing about Vomid, sorry, Covid, and fear again.

Then I posted something completely non-virus or fear related on my Facebook the other day. In fact, I posted about something that is not even possible at the moment. Moving to another country. And O boy, what a traction I got.

Many people want to go back to normal, whatever they will make out of that. They are sick of being all nerved up, sick of one more bogey man headline. They want to go out, feel the…



Lucien Lecarme

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