How To Stay Positive in this Mess?

4 ways to respond to what’s happening that make you feel much better

Life on planet earth is everything but boring at the moment.

Do you experience moments that when you ask yourself if the crazy shit that’s going on can even get crazier, it just did?

Like scrolling through a Facebook feed during the lockdown and noticing CNN sharing footage of UFO’s in the first time of history, but it’s not important enough to go viral.

Let’s zoom out for a moment. What is happening around you? What are you witnessing in the world of today?

Maybe you feel the ground shaking beneath your feet. When you lookout for an honest truth, it might be hard to find these days amidst so many stuff that’s being exposed.

One thing is right in all our faces: We are in a crisis, the shit is hitting the fan.

Zooming out means no judgment. To blame nobody, not take sides, but to witness from an objective space. I know this can be hard, we all love to see a villain brought to the guillotine.

But will this fix the deeper issues? I don’t think so.

These are other things you can do to stay positive, non-judgemental and sane in these times of insanity.

Find Inspiration in Change

When I zoom out for a moment, one thing becomes very clear. The one thing that stands out, but is often overlooked because of the smoke coming from the battlefields.

The old is coming down, disintegrating, breaking apart, falling into pieces.

I find this sad to watch. Institutions I grew up with and trusted like I trust my mother are turning into a house of cards. Truths that used to be unquestioned, turn out to be lies.

At this moment in history, a part of humanity has lost it. The result? Chaos, implosion, disruption, despair. No leadership, no collective goals to unite us and make us look one direction, to a bright future. Nothing of that. Instead:

Polarization, Conflict, Division.

Apart from my friends and the people I speak, I’d love to have a sneak peek in the head of the road worker, the dreams of the youth of today, in the mind of the cashier in the local supermarket.

Does her inner voice ask what is real? who to believe? and what to do next?

I guess what is really behind my voyeurism is the desire to know what inspires people in times like these. Do you have any inspiration left after surviving the pandemic?

Do you find inspiration in the fact that the old wasn’t working that well anymore, so the new must be better? I do.

For something to be birthed, the old needs to die first. No transformation without disruption.

I completely understand these words don’t mean shit when you lost your job, can’t pay your rent, maybe have lost dear ones, are in despair. We are all going through our process, and it ain’t easy.

And there are no exit signs, no time-out button, no back to the past DeLorean waiting for you on your doorstep.

When you find inspiration in the fact that we need these times of disruption and chaos for a more beautiful world to be birthed, you’re already halfway. Even when the world out there looks like a bad repetition for some dystopian B-movie.

Just When you Ask Yourself if it Can Get Crazier Than This, It Just Did — Have a Laugh About it

Sometimes I feel like I am dreaming and its time to wake up out of this madness.

The other day, I brought a good friend to the ferry. I live in Ibiza, Spain. We are in phase 2 of returning to… Yeah, what?. Returning to what exactly? Well, let’s park that one for now.

So we walk inside the terminal building. Crime tape all over the place. It's like we enter a public building were some mass shooting took place a week ago and they’re still investigating the place.

Big stickers in a maze all over the floor. We are allowed to only stand on these stickers. Chairs taped off so you won’t have a neighbour when you sit for a rest. No chit chat. Some chairs are for couples, married people.

Guardia Civil walking around with masks. Everybody kind of silent. No children, no outbreaks of life. Huge information plates explaining how to sneeze, were to sneeze, and what fines you’ll get when you sneeze wrong. More of what you should do and not should do drawn in aggressive reds and blues with adults as cartoon characters.

It feels like a mix of being in a Chinese Government building and being 6 years old again. Yeah, it feels we are all being treated like small children that lost their own sense of responsibility. Regardless of the question of whether the measurements into place will prove to be right or wrong

It's depressing. It's no fun to travel. We try to adjust, make a joke about it. And it works. When things get really absurd, nothing works better than to make a joke and have a good giggle.

I mean, Corona memes got me through the lockdown, no doubt.

What can help you when you’re confronted with governments still trying to find out the best response to the pandemic, is to release build up tension. All things will pass. Make a joke with your friends and let laughter raise your immune system. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Stay Positive in this Mess by Co-Creating the New: We are in This Together

There is one truth standing out that can be the anchor for all of us.

We are in this together.

Despite the huge collective polarization, the civil unrest's, Facebook turning into a minefield full of snake pits, scientists still trying to find out what COVID19 actually is.

And the biggest elephant in the room: Addressing the issues that really need to be addressed in the media, politics, opinion panels, think tanks, in board rooms and advisory commissions.

Redistribution of wealth. New decentralized governance systems. Banning of hunger and famine from the planet. Universal free health care. Climate Change. Free energy. Introducing new values into our story, our culture.

Just to name a few burning bigger than life concerns that are now non-issues since Corona is Nr. 1 for months now on the weekly doom & gloom charts, closely followed by looting & shooting.

None of that public discourse is happening.

We are in crisis management. As we try to extinguish one fire, one catastrophe, the next one already happens behind our backs. We are informed about how to fight the symptoms, but nobody seems to attend to the cause.

The Bigger Picture is left behind and ignored like an orphan in our addiction for growth, in our habit to only look forwards into better futures, happier life's. That’s the old. It is coming down. It didn’t work.

Chances are we will be left completely on our own after the people that now are in charge, the CEO’s, the Politicians and Corporate Grabbers have taken the lifeboat to their private islands.

But we’ll never be completely on our own.

Despite all the turmoil, we are still in this together, as humanity. This crisis binds us together, will urge new responsible leaders to stand up, will make us stronger, united and from the heart as ever before.

Be part of this change, let your voice be heard, bring in some positive action from the awareness that now is the time to create new ways of living from different values. Sign a petition, join a legal action group, fund something you believe in, deliver an alternative newspaper.

The way to get through the day alive, the way to be least affected, the way to feel value and bring value, is by co-creating the new. This will empower your experience that we’re all in this together.

Stay in the Eye of the Storm by Using Your Creativity

Whenever the world out there becomes too unsafe, to violent, unreal and crazy, find your source. Stay in the eye of the storm. Do what you do with grace and respect, as nothing ever really happened.

When you feel your voice won’t change the world next week, and your actions are just ripples in an ocean full of hurricanes, just bring it back to what you can do. In your own environment, with your peers, in and around your house. In a place where you feel save.

Create amazing nourishing food, make that tree hut for the kids in the neighbourhood, repaint your house, write that book, start the podcast, repair your car, learn a language, paint that painting.

Times are tough, but there will be light after the tunnel, there always is. Realize that the old didn’t work anymore, we are in a birthing channel for the new. There is no systematic change without disruption, chaos and decline, find inspiration in this knowledge.

When things become too crazy around you, according to what you feel and think is healthy and normal, have a good laugh with some friends. Laughter is the best medicine.

The crisis has bound us together, as humanity. We are in this mess together, and that’s a great starting point to co-create new things, new ways of living, new initiatives by following and living your own values first.

Stay in the eye of the storm through the process of creation.

My general motto in this crisis is: Stop blaming the old, create the new. And you’ll move from that place of being a victim of circumstances to the creator of a new more beautiful world, that starts in your own circle.

Lucien Lecarme

Join my tribe to thrive together

Lucien is writer, blogger and author of “The Wisdom Keeper”, a heroes journey about the need to fall in love with earth again and be humbled by the wisdom of our earth keepers.

Writing inspiring stories to empower you to live a passionate and financial abundant life. Initiator of The Spirit of Crypto pub.

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