How to Write About Absolutely Everything and Anything

An exercise in creative writing.

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The mind is a complex, ungraspable tool. It is multi-layered, as is life. In fact, there is life in everything.

The amount of depth in everything, depends on the one that is observing

Look at a tree. From a distance, just a tree. In a forest, the trees make up the forest. But sitting in front of the tree, and observing, it becomes a universe, a miracle of nature, a divine creation. The concept of tree in its perfect expression.

As it is with writing. Sitting in front of your subject, and observing with an open and spacious mind, it becomes transparent. The subject amongst other subjects become boring, invisible and uninteresting.

A flat in a suburb is just a flat, sit in front of the flat, and notice the different lives behind each window, the stories lived within it, the lifes lived.

So we need to sit in front of our subject?

Even better, let the subject first emerge out of nothing

The subject that arises is your mind's eye, when you feel expanded, creative and inspired, is most likely the one that needs to come out.

Its like a birth, each blog a birth

The smoothness of the birth depends on how eager it is to be born, how relevant it is to come alive, how open you are to let it come out.

So then the stories that are stuck, that wait in contraction, that hide in the dark, what about them?

They need to wait to see the light. Somebody else might pick them up. Maybe they never will be born.

Since we are the creators of our lives, and both the observers, we decide and don’t decide. This is the paradox of creation. When we become merely the tool to give birth to live, life can flow fully through us, at ease. When we push, and drag, and demand, creation becomes suffering.

I don't know where this blog is coming from, and where it will go. The idea sparked in me when I did my morning yoga. I felt a slight sensation in my belly as I rushed to my laptop to write. Yes, like a push of something wanting to born.

Now, I let the words just arise. I know and trust that writing from that space I am in right now, I don’t even have to think.

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The words just role like waves in the sea. When they hit the sandy beach, they write their lines in the sand too. For the other waves to write other lines over them.

This blog will be read by some and forgotten, other blogs will become more interesting. Just a bleeb in the universe of blogs, a star with its own light. A transmission of thoughts, with the promise to inspire, channelled on a medium.

Somehow I feel this blog is unique, it falls out of style, it doesn't follow rules, it just IS. But there will be an end to it. I feel it is nearing already. Is there anything else I need to share?

Would I like to give you advice, how to get in that state? Hmm, no. Then I come back into my mind, into the need of bringing value, to score points.

Maybe the value lies in the words alone because this writing is about writing about everything. Or maybe more about writing without writing, to let the words emerge out of nothing.

A slight knot forms in my stomach. I want to bring value!
The value I can give you is that:

When you like to write about absolutely everything and anything, you need to spent time sitting in front of your subject. It is best when the subject arises out of nothing. Feel its texture, merge in the details, and let the story it beholds be told through your writing. And don't get in the way!

Also, write without a purpose for once. Let the words emerge. Try it when you like, its fun. It breaks the paradigm that everything you write must be structured, must have value. This creates a slight separation between you and the world. But probably a useful one, since there is an audience out there wanting to learn, wanting to share, wanting advice, wanting to be guided, and entertained.

I felt it was quite intimate to write this piece. More intimate than some of my other blogs. In that, I find that the value for myself. I am happy to read your blog coming out of nothing, writing about everything.

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