I am Sick of the Corona Virus Fear Creating Separation — This is How I Stay in My Power

3 steps to come out of this crisis stronger than ever before

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I am not really sick of the Virus obviously. I am done and over with mass hysteria, mass fear, conspiracy theories, general stupidity, the complete lack of fact-based news.

I am sick how millions of people gave up their basic right to freedom in the self-declared war on death. Apparently the war on terror was wearing off, and lets try death dressed up as a Virus to scare the people into accepting unprecedented martial law and let our build up economy slip out of our fingers in just a matter of weeks.

O, but how dare you, 900 people just died in Italy today !

Well, at the end of reading this article 48 children died of hunger, and the annual flu killed more people than Corona this year up till this moment.

According to Medical reports more than 90% of the so called Corona Deaths are people already dying of cancer, pneumonia or other lethal diseases. This report clearly shows complete hospitals in Italy reported COVID-19 as THE cause of death when it was only the final push when it is so often with flu.

60% of people having the Corona Virus also have obesity. What about that?

But I am even tired to get in these kind of discussions. To prove something, to show real numbers, to all calm the F**k down. It won’t work.

I decided to calm down and exited this echo chamber of the biggest volcano of human fear that I can remember. This epic Corona fear and loathing makes 9/11 look like a sunny Sunday morning after a week of holidays.

Why? It just doesn't serve me anymore, its doesn't serve you, my community, the planet, the state we are in.

So what does serve the planet? The thing it always did. To step out of any victim behaviour, to connect to my power and to stay far away from any fear.

This is how I practice that and how you could do the same

How to stay out of fear?

This is the most important one. Fear never leads to anything good. I mean, look where it took our democracies right now? Through the drain into the sewage of upcoming totalitarian fascist Cyborg autocracies. But even that image of our future is fear-driven. So cancel clear.

It took me about 10 days to definitely kill my own fears around the virus. I dove into what a virus actually is, how many pandemics did we have in history? Why nothing was shut down during the last one in 2009, the swine flu? What the role of digital media and our collective digital anxiety actually makes us respond emotionally about almost anything. Summing up all these facts, I wrote something about these findings to make it even more clear to me in my purifying process.

And then I snapped out of it. The real virus is this collective fear, sweeping countries and its crackpot leaders clear of any common sense let alone calm or wise leadership ergo decision making.

I can chose 24/7 at every second weather I want to be a part of this madness or not. And so can you.

We all have this power of choice, basically to chose love over fear.

I realize it came to be after a process where I needed to embrace my fear, not rejecting it. Where I needed to breathe in the collective anxiety speeding up by the corporate greedy hands of media selling their injections of terror to the masses. I needed to take it all in, work my heart and brain around it.

I got stopped on a road in Spain after shop closing hours with an empty gas bottle in the back of my car. The police officer was wearing a gun for Christ sake. My mind was ridiculing this event, but my heart did pound in my chest… what if… Yes, fear can be really really real when the direct result of martial law enters your personal life from shooting distance in a country that had a dictator not that long ago.

But I let that go too. Again, It just doesn’t serve me any longer. Also not from some kind of morbid perspective of being addicted to the mass fear and loathing that has been going on the last few weeks. I mean, what else can you do locked down in your flat?

Well, there are already tons of articles written about what you can do to stay mentally healthy. This is my personal story of how I got back in my power hoping to inspire you to do the same.

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I don’t choose sides

The world seems now divided between people that fully embrace the social distancing, quarantine and other measures taken by governments. And the once from a more intellectual point of view start doubting the whole circus. And potentially warning people where they got themselves into when all the corona fear smokescreens have disappeared and a new stricter new normal will be imposed on us. What about not being able to come together in groups bigger than 2 for the coming year? Not completely impossible. Bye-Bye to the yellow vest movement and all the other protests that were going on in more than 50 cities worldwide every weekend. That was easy ! Social obedience is the new norm. But here I go again.

What Do I mean with not choosing sides? Somehow I feel this whole state of current affairs is here to divide us, people. I mean, this is in fact what is playing out in front of our very eyes. And it will remain even after the quarantine is over.

Every mass fear indulging event in the past decennia has been proven to create more separation. I don’t want it anymore. I am done with that narrative.

It is time for us people to unite, to co-create things that really matter, to come together, to make miracles happen, to create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible

I can react from my intellect and blaming the dumb millions of people that literally asked their governments to lock them up for a month, losing their own jobs, make the economy collapse and disrupt social life up till the very core of it, over the annual flu that hasn’t even killed 1/80 of the 1958 Asian FLu, or 1/15 of the 2009 Swine flu. Look up these data yourself, you stupid people, my intellect shouts out. But I understand their fear, I understand the mass scale of it, I understand that for media fear sells best after sex, I understand how easily it is to scare people literally to death. I am old enough to have some kind of plain insight into how the world works.

It is time to embrace my wisdom, what I know and not what I fear

Any reaction coming from fear and anger creates more separation.

My answer is not to mingle in any discussion online that is born out of fear or where people are there not to listen but to lavish their addiction to anger, blaming and shaming and feeding themselves with this dichotomy, the very crack in our society that the digital anxiety has brought forward. I am not here to empower that, I am here to empower myself beyond any separation tactics and empower others by disrupting that same narrative by simply exiting all mechanisms that help keep it in place.

Lets hold hands in these difficult time and breath in and out even when we can’t. Just imagine it.

I check my Facebook 10 minutes a day

I limited my Facebook time to around 10 minutes a day. That’s quite a difference with the average of 6 hours a day of last week. It's just not serving me anymore. It has become the playground of millions of separate opinions that want to be heard, liked, despised, shared, responded to or even censored.

Facebook censored me last week. Suddenly around 50 messages were only visible for me. With no explanation provided. And you know what? I was happy. It was the wake-up call I needed. It made me realize it is not owned by me, it is not under my control.

In these times of uncertainty, I want to put my attention only to what I can control, what I own, what is mine

That gives me the power I need to stay healthy, to stay in the eye of the storm, to stay hopeful in a world that is in collapse.

Facebook suddenly turned back their decision, and apparently my messages were in line with community norms and rules. Hurrah Facebook, maybe, after all, some real humans work there.

It doesn’t matter all of this. It is the last digital resort we have in these times of extreme social isolation. But don’t fall in the trap to let your energy sucked out by all the draining videos, opinions and again fear-based stories of people that are now also too afraid to let their true voice come through because of the new social norm and control.

Focus on what you can control, what inspires you, what keeps you in your power and light. That’s the only thing that matters really.

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I know I am responsible for my own vibration

These are times of extreme self-leadership. When all real leadership around us have been reduced to hysterical marionette politicians that make you believe that governments can stop ordinary flu's: Stop listen to them and tune into your own wisdom, your own common sense. Step up as your ow leader that will lead you safely through these pandemic storms of fear and lack of common sense.

For me this means I, and I alone, am responsible for my own vibration.

Even when I enter a zoom call and here my friends speak about this can happen, or O God, this can happen, we will all end up in some 1984 dystopian nightmare, I have the power to either opt-out or say NO, look at what you are doing. When it is fear-based, again remember, it is serving nobody.

These times have proven to provide amazing opportunities for self-reflection. The economy coming to a standstill also means our over the top consumer lifestyle having a break from shopping. Plants, birds, fish, trees, all nature resetting itself. I suddenly hear many more bees outside than ever before. This makes me happy.

I want to add to this bliss my keeping my own vibration high. For whatever may come next. Eco Collapse? An Economic meltdown and banks disappearing in a black hole? All good. I will withstand.

No change without crisis.

The way we will come out on the other side depends on us, each and every one of us, to hold on to our very presence, our power, our love and patience for the light to defeat the dark forces in this world. Because all of these dark evil devils all are born from our own fear, without no exception.

When we stop the fear inside of ourselves, Corona will dissolve like vampires at the dawn of a new day

Lucien Lecarme

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Lucien is writer, blogger and author of “The Wisdom Keeper”. He lives in front of a wonderful magnetic rock in Ibiza where he organizes retreats. He loves Hiking and dancing tango and has 14 wild cats. Lucien’s passion is to write, learn and grow as a human and writer every single day.

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