I Found My Soul Flame — Is it Supposed to Hurt Like This?

Is this love or should I run away and never look back?

Lucien Lecarme
7 min readMar 30, 2024
Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Half a year ago I met a woman who found herself at the end of a 7-year relationship.

We were friends for 2 months and then suddenly he kicked her out.

She fell straight into my arms. The mutual sexual attraction was like a super collider on steroids letting two atoms run into each other at warp speed.


We had (almost) constant sex for about three months, and in between we spoke, ate, danced and laughed.

Sure, lust blinds the eye and is selfish.
Sure, it was a pink bubble, not ‘reality’
Sure, she was rebounding from the pain of being rejected by her ex
Sure, she probably used me to not feel the grief of this relationship ending.

We did see our souls, it was all too familiar. Our touch, sleeping together, everything physical. Heaven and beyond.

One part of me is sure I’ve found my woman, my twin flame, we’ll grow old together. The other is in pain because quite suddenly she told me she needs time. She friend-zoned me. Just like that.



Lucien Lecarme

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