I Moved to a Community — This is Why

Yes, I did it. Last week I finally moved to a community. All my life I hated the idea. I was surfing the wave of my ambition and self-realization and this current was never to be stopped by holding sharing circle’s, obeying cleaning schedules or giving my precious time to pseudo-spiritual communal activities.

I needed my full freedom. Period.

Now, when everybody's freedom is slowly being confiscated by the obscured sociopath Darth Vaders of our times, I’ve never felt so free this last week.


This is my general vision: Our thousands of years old pyramidical systems are falling down while we speak. On the surface, it feels and looks like a dystopian power seizure where our freedom is slowly taken in the name of our fourth industrial revolution. Meaning a layer of digitalized control is pushing us to total obedience in the name of ‘public health’. Yes, I am talking vaccine passport and airport scan alike gates at our local supermarket and petrol stations.

Sorry, ain’t gonna work.

History shows that dictatorships and total control governance only held as long as the people lived in fear of change and chose other people to run their lives in the face of new technologies invading their quiet, simple and peaceful lives.

The total control narrative of 2020 and beyond obscures the fact that our old story of culture is no longer true in the hearts of a fast-growing amount of people worldwide. The story of competition, infinite growth on a finite planet, scarcity and me being better than you. This narcissistic dance is about to end.

Let’s invite a DJ that understands the new story and plays tunes of abundance, connection, emergence and integrity. The sound of love, a dance of inner freedom. A dance of extacy to be alive.

From pyramids to circle’s

While our old story is fading away, new generations are standing up, drastically limiting their screen time, and gather in circle instead. And sorry, you can’t social distance away this tsunami of love-bliss-togetherness consciousness. All the measures put in place at this moment is a weak attempt to stop love, connection and waking up out of a 2000 year hierarchic slumber of reducing our brains to fit in a system that benefits a happy few. To become obedient workforces allowed the illusion of freedom as long as we don’t exit the system altogether.

I exited the system about 10 years ago by moving to Ibiza. I have seen it coming down slowly but surely. So what’s next when you shut down the gate that fenced you into debt slavery behind you? Does eternal freedom await you behind paywalls, firewalls and smart city walls?

No. This is a revolution of inclusion.

All I can do at this moment is to seek mind, soul and spirit alike brothers and sisters. To hold space. To hold space for the last tantrums of global surveillance capitalism that try to inject a fake dream of safety into the hearts of people while spreading unprecedented fear. Come to daddy, we’ll protect you against those evil corona terrorists that don’t like to be masked. Lets throw them all on a big pile of conspiracy theorists and demonize them, censor them and call them crazy. Yeah, let’s burn their books and articles as well and call freedom of speech dangerous. I mean, Nazi Germany is already 87 years ago so who cares? Humanity is proving to be short-sighted and out of long term memory while being put under an unprecedented worldwide spell of fear, digital polarization and social media isolation.

My personal response to all of this? Holding space in circle’s, facilitate men groups and creating a safe space for shadows to be seen, to be transformed into light and a wider emotional range while a broader shadow of humanity is playing out.

And moving to a community.

In times of crisis, we gather together and support each other unconditionally. Many of us feel the direct urgency to find their own truth. A truth that resides in the heart. Sensemaking and truthfinding is the new trend. I see it eventually overthrow mainstream media and the other cartels that have colluded to save what can’t be saved. I see that they are doing the work, in fact, that needs to be done. They are breaking down the structure that has put them in place in their attempt to go for total control. A sign of weakness.

People that start screaming in an argument feel their power and authority fade away. Hitler was shouting a lot.

Their fake news and blown up virus stories of fear will soon flush down the toilet of this dark page of history, creating space for a new story to emerge. It will exist as long as we will allow it to exist, as long as we are not ready to plant the seeds of the new, to tell our children stories of love, connection and how amazing our mother earth really is. And that we are in fact a part of it. As long as we allow our children to die behind their social pressure-imposed mouth caps.

This is a revolution of inclusion. A community is about inclusion.

Photo by Sam Barber on Unsplash

The Vision

All ideas, feelings, visions and work is welcome. No longer separation, no longer individual competition over scarce goods and never enough money. We are together building a new vision of what it is to be human. We include the pineal gland activation, use medicine plant to connect us to nature and receive her infinite wisdom and energy. We start seeing ourselves as free energy devices even before these real free energy devices will enter our new balanced gift and sharing bodies of exchange. We are collectively ‘doing the work’.

Yes, we operate outside of the systems that are coming down. We are led by love, not fear. We embrace our shadows to see more light. We are planting the seeds and telling us stories of the future. And above all: we are playing like children.

Because that’s all we are, learning and playing beings that need the freedom to evolve into our infinite dance with mother nature, the universe and the stories our ancestors spun around the moon & stars.

Humanity is blessed with these tunes of great times and transformation.

Thank you community for receiving me. I finally feel I belong beyond my boxed individual self in a system that was never true. Slowly I am peeling off more layers of conditioning, of must-do’s to survive in something we used to call a rat race. Sorry, I'd rather be a human with nothing but some real good company, a roof and food, than a rat in a big white shiny box full of gadgets to hold my attention away from a deep feeling of emptiness.

It is great to be alive, it is amazing to be at service to this collective dream from the heart, to sing this song of freedom together and finally come out on the other side in the light of a new day for humanity.

Lucien Lecarme

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