I Walked in a March with 200.000 for Basic Human Rights— How this Changed Everything

And no, nobody got sick or died

Lucien Lecarme
7 min readOct 3, 2021


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I recently joined a march against vaccination passports in Holland and in favour of a whole bunch of our rights that our government is flushing down the toilet for fear of something that’s less mild than the flu.

It was a cathartic experience. Where I expected a couple of thousand people, according to police estimates, around 200.000 showed up.

Moreover, as it turned out, it wasn’t a demonstration or a march against anything, it was a giant celebration in favour of being human, and much more relevant things to march for.

It was a celebration.

People with DJ’gear and batteries tied to their bicycles, people wearing texts like fuck the elite, old and young, yellow, black, white and everything in between, from all cultures, and tourists too.

Why has it changed everything?

While I have been feeling a diminishing minority for 17 months now standing up for my Universal Human Rights.

It’s the world upside down.

I came to realize that together with my friends and tribe we’ve been biased into a world where apparently suddenly David is fighting Goliath. Doom is coming over us. The dystopian technocrat 1984 is unstoppable.

That’s no longer true in my opinion. We only need to get together and celebrate, dance, hug, shout, laugh. And most importantly, speak up.

Be human, beyond any fear.

Vaccinated people, unvaccinated, gay, black, hypnotized, families, transG, scared people, nerds, Guru’s, followers, leaders, sheep, awakened, deep asleep and all the labels I forgot.

Doesn’t matter.

Getting together is the cure, not the crazy very unhealthy and dangerous nonsensical distance new normal that’s part of a bad plan made by people that lost all connection with their souls, with nature, and the human potential of love, creativity and connection.

Screw them and their limited worldview, trying to push humanity into this very…



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