Ibiza is Back

Celebration has returned to humanity and Ibiza is the epicenter

Lucien Lecarme
7 min readAug 5, 2022


Photo by Elena de Soto on Unsplash

Ibiza is back and the fear is gone.

After 2 years of introspection, lonely walks on empty beaches, and deserted clubs.

It’s back, the Ibiza vibe is back. Humanity is celebrating again. Smelling each others sweat in packed spaces. Getting red crab sun burned.

And the people are back. And the craze.

The island is boiling, shiffering, and howling on dark baselines of non-stop ecstasy.

Thousands are celebrating each night on this island of freedom.

Some say Ibiza is the prototype for humanity 2.0.

A new-earth orbiting around values of equality directly submerged from the holy trinity:

Catharsis — Communitas — Ecstasis.

People tend to skip catharsis and even communitas here. That’s called spiritual bypass. They go straight to their often psychedelic or plant medicine induced high.

So let’s start with ecstasis.

The return of Clublife

Just a few miles south, a crowd is getting ready for the main act. A man in leather is strapped on a huge bed in the middle of the club. Four long-legged females are entering the stage, their latex black panties reflect the purple lights coming from all corners. Behind the bed on the stage, the DJ tabs further into the vibe. He adds some more acid to the air heavy with erotic flavours.

A deep base pumps the blood of the odd 10.000 clubbers beyond trance. Hearts beating one rhythm. Bodies moving like waves from front to back in the boiling room. Eyes focused on huge screens behind the DJ. The women enter the bed and throw off their high heels. They crawl like a pack of dangerous lionesses towards the man standing erect like a Mayan warrior.

As the evening approaches its climax, white powder gathered in straight lines on ladies face mirrors in the adjacent toilets tremble on the base penetrating through the thick walls.



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