Is Claptone’s Clubnight Masquerade a Dark Sign of the Time or just Innocent Play?

Observations from a clubbing night in Ibiza

Lucien Lecarme


Claptone’s Masquerade in Pacha, Ibiza

Clubbing theme nights in Ibiza are full of hidden, symbolic messages.

Take the famous Manumission nights in the Ku. An exuberant display of hedonist pleasure. During the first years, beautiful people had sex on stage.

The word Manumission is Latin for release from slavery. Fertility symbols from the first people setting food in Ibiza, the Phoenicians, were used on stage.

Ibiza is the island of freedom.

Here are some observations from DJ Claptone’s Masquerade theme club night in famous Pacha.

Last night, I found myself dancing amidst thousands of clubbers, of which most had strapped a golden mask around their head.

Why would a club night use a symbol from one of humanity's darkest periods? The black plague,’ I wondered. Another voice in my head replied: “Be happy it isn’t the blue face cloths that plagued us for two years.

A morbid Covid echo? Subliminal new normal programming? A sign of a masked time?

Or art? A playful attempt to understand undercurrents in our changing world and express them?

Here are some observations, reading of clear symbols and my intuition speaking.

Is Claptone’s masquerade an artistic expression?

Is the masquerade club night Art?

Dance and house is a high art form in Ibiza. Hundreds of upcoming DJs are pioneering into new musical territories in the hope of setting the trend and being discovered.

The island invented lounge music with Cafe del Mar and launched house music through the famous Ku club nights in the 80ies.

Art reflects deep issues in society in a symbolic way.

Claptone’s mask is more like a Venice masquerade mask worn on the upper part of the face, before the eyes. (Of course, it has two holes. Otherwise, it would be quite the night). The big nose can also be translated as a sexual symbol.



Lucien Lecarme

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