Is Our World Run by Sociopaths?

And if so — what are the consequences and a possible way forward?

Lucien Lecarme
12 min readMar 8, 2021


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The way for humanity to move forward is to heal the wounds of the sociopaths of our world, how difficult that might seem.

For a while now I am juggling with the idea that our world is run by Sociopaths.

This assumption is formed through absorbing thoughts of social philosopher Daniel Schmachtenberger, addiction therapist Sabor Mate and thought provoker Jordan Peterson.

And by simply looking around in our COVID world and using my common sense. Yep, still got it.

In this piece, I use a psychological angle to argue that a concept like conspiracy theories, the aspect of social media shaming and harming humanity through disproportionate measures aligns perfectly with the inner mindset of a sociopath.

While they impose their inside world on us, we get a sneak peek of how it is to be a sociopath. Our society is, in fact, getting more and more sociopathic. COVID can be seen as their next level power game, as well as a possible scream for help.

It helps to feel into the possibility that ‘they’ are just another part of team human, and probably in need of the most healing. For this to receive, they currently impose the most harm.

This might seem far fetched, but the problem is that it’s very difficult for normal people to dive into the mindset of the sociopath. Ever been in a relationship with a sociopath, psychopath, narcissistic or bipolar person? It’s a rocky boat, to say the least, and you probably doubted yourself first.

3.8% of Americans are diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder or sociopathy. Nine out of ten people are good people. This is one of the core reasons that they get so much power since that fact is hugely abused by manipulating this goodness in others in establishing more power at the expense of others.

It’s also difficult to sense their soul since they have none. You’ll find a black hole there.

In my unusual approach, I’ll show you that what is surfacing right now in humanity: Pedophilia, conspiracy theories…



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