It feels way to early to make any conclusions on Bitcoins community to come with solutions for scaling issues. What about second layers, the Lightning network? And what about the store of value function of BTC? It may not become worlds new payment system, but in times of crisis and destabilization, BTC is by far the best option to migrate to. To exit the system. People won’t exit to a starting experiment like Unit-E when the water comes to our lips, but to the most TRUSTED and STABLE coin, which is BTC. With a second bull run coming, around that time, BTC second layers will be ready to scale up massively, and if not.. well, it will be ready when history wants it to be or any other digital unit of account & store of value and payment system. When they are truly decentralized, it doesn’t really matter that much actually what coin it is. Unit-E feels already too centralized to me to be honest, maybe because state sponsored hierarchic structured scientific institutions are dealing with this, and not free underground voluntary groups of geeks, nerds and post Nakamoto crypto-anarchists, Libertarians and other open sourced game changers.

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