It is time to let go of our story of Separation

This is why we need storytellers now more than ever

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I got inspired to write this piece by my favorite Modern Philosopher Charles Eisenstein. He made a nice video about how in the 80ies and 90ies we looked ahead in the future with unbound optimism for, lets say, 2020. It looked bright, we would work less, have loads of leisure time, our robots would do the dirty jobs and maybe we would already be flying around in space and have colonies on…. Mars?

This optimism is completely gone down the drain together with all the plastics and consumer industries waste. We are left, 30 years later, with a dying planet and our story of growth is dying with it.

It proves our narrative of infinite growth on a finite planet is coming to an end. From our adolescent playing around with our stuff we now are being slapped in the face by Mother nature itself.

Where to turn to now? We are starting to listen to the narratives of indigenous cultures. They must be doing something right from the beginning.

This all fits in the change of our story of culture. I hope we now finally are moving away from the economical driven story of lack and competition to a better story that includes our world and our nature.

Our Western main narrative, the story of separation is what Eisenstein continuously refers to. This is our deepest mindset that is starting to collapse too.

The virus is making us grief over our mistakes. We need to purge the anger, dissolution and fear and realize that our story of culture, the story of separation, is slowly transforming like the nature is renewing itself at this very moment.

We are not separate, when we kill the spirit of nature, we slowly kill ourselves.

This is the main lesson I learned from my Aboriginal friends. When you embrace all that is around you with love, care and wisdom, you will thrive, your clan will thrive. Since nature is abundant, and so are we.

The thing we are most afraid of right now is the vacuum of being in between stories. We can’t hold on to the old while the new story has not been accepted and integrated yet.

This is why it is so important to write, tell and express your own truth of a new world of unity and abundance. We need storytellers now more than ever since they hold the new world already in their imagination and hearts.

Thank you Sari

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