Keanu Reeves Escaped the Matrix as Neo — These are the Signs You are About to do the Same.

Are you ready to take the red pill and tumble down the rabbit hole?

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The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth — Morpheus in ‘The Matrix’

According to star actor Keanu Reeves, humanity is about to break free from the Matrix.

In the famous trilogy, the Matrix is a computer simulation that looks bloody real. Do you remember the scene were the chosen ones, including Neo, get that tube in their necks, fall asleep and enter the Matrix?

This shows in a symbolic way that when you believe the Matrix, the world we are living in, is real, you are actually asleep.

The matrix is ​​a holographic universe projected by those who wish to control us. Mankind has been repressed and controlled in this way for millennia. We believe that it is real, but in reality it is only a film that is reproduced in the collective consciousness, which presents itself as “reality” — Keanu Reeves

Some tech giants and Silicon valley Gods like Elon Musk take this theory a step further by saying that it’s not only a film but a complete computer simulation. He says the chances we are not in a simulation, are a billion to one.

Keanu disagrees, and has some well-meant advice for the billionaires that invest part of their fortune to proof the simulation is real:

“Put your wallets back in your pockets. This has nothing to do with money or computers. It is a spiritual change that must take place, not a ‘hack’ — Keanu Reeves

I believe he is right.

It’s a revolution that goes bottom-up, arises from the consciousness of the people, from you and me. When we follow Keanu’s theory, we need to wake up from the Matrix collectively.

Humanity is showing signs of freedom from the Matrix. What a moment to be alive! We are living in exciting times — Keanu Reeves

These are the signs, according to the immortal man behind Neo, that you are waking up from the Matrix.

Are You Waking Up to What is Important in Life?

When you see humans as a pest, that have been exploiting the earth for centuries now in our never-ending quest for economic growth, we just need to wake up one day to the fact that when we continue, we’ll destroy everything around us.

A virus is nothing but a mechanism in nature that brings balance.

The Corona Virus came with spiritual awareness on it’s back.

The Corona Crisis is teaching us to rejoin the community of humanity, it is bringing us together to build something new and to take care of each other. — Charles Eisentein

Keanu affirms this spiritual change is taking place.

Do the recent events have lit a spark in you to consider what is important in your life? Or you believe the old normal was all OK and fine and you’re ready to continue and support the way things were?

People are tired of unnecessary wars, totalitarian leadership and authoritarian control. People are awakening to what is really important in life — Keanu Reeves

When you experience just the slightest change in how you look at the world, and you are reconsidering your values, you are waking up.

Manipulation is Being Exposed

“Some political leaders and influential People are lifting the veil in an amazing network of interconnected manipulation” — Keanu Reeves

I call these times the era of exposure. Things that have been too corrupted, dirty and disgusting, are being brought to the light. Not all in once, that would be a system overload.

According to Reeves, this exposure is “allowing humanity to wake up from its lethargy and see that the same few people, the same secret societies, are actively controlling our lives and repressing our true ability.”

When you have a closer look at the Matrix Movie, dark shady entities are pulling humanity ropes, keeping us asleep.

In the third part of the trilogy, a huge super-entity is being exposed. It’s pulling all the strings, sucking on our energy like an ugly Queen bee from space while we are going through our routines, to our daily work, pay our taxes, tap our brains to TV and trying to be happy.

When you have this slight feeling all of your life that there is more to life, that this can’t be IT, as a splinter in your mind — you are slowly waking up from the Matrix.

A Very Significant Part of the Population is Awakening.

Maybe you are already part of this group.

Some people speak of a tipping point, when enough people wake up, this awareness will accelerate, and there will be no stopping.

Compare this with Plato’s cave. It’s dark, and nobody sees a thing. But when you light one match, the hole cave is illuminated.

In the same line of thinking, you need only that many awakened people to affect millions of others that are still asleep in the cave.

Maybe this is already going on. Possibly this is why the people in our societies that are actually in control and the forces behind them, are doing everything to tighten the strings, to have more power since they are losing it in the same speed as people are waking up.

A sign that you are waking up is that you are ready to let the old go, and are excited to the real change the new can bring us.

When you are reconsidering your values, you are definitely waking up with many millions of others that are doing the same.

Whether you call yourself a conspirator or not, it is easy to see that we are being manipulated. The veil is lifted. Corruption, massive greed and the rotten structure of our pyramidal economic system are surfacing. Just to name an important area that influences all of us.

Standing at the sideline and rejoining your peers to create something new is a sign you are waking up from the Matrix.

It’s all about reclaiming our freedom from consciousness.

It is time to recover our infinite power and open the doors of the mental prison that have motivated us to build ourselves. It’s not easy to do, but it’s time to walk into the light of freedom — Keanu Reeves

Lucien Lecarme

Join my tribe to wake up together

Lucien is writer, blogger and author of “The Wisdom Keeper”, a heroes journey about the need to fall in love with earth again and be humbled by the wisdom of our earth keepers.

Rebellious Visionary writing stories to empower you to live a passionate life in joy & inspiration. Author of The Wisdom Keeper:

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