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Lucien Lecarme
4 min readAug 19, 2021


Me around sunset time in Ibiza

To be jabbed or not to be jabbed is not the question

It’s to what level your choices result from understanding the world around you. That’s called sense-making. Its your secret weapon to make it through the bad-ass Great Reset and eventually thrive together.

I can help getting the answers of some of these essential questions:

Get a Booster or Stop this experiment now?
Live in the city or go self-sustained?
Community or individual living?
Work for a boss or go self-employed?
Love or Fear?

Read my carefully hand picked 19 best sense-making blogs from the epic past two years to make better informed choices.

Order the Ebook here. It’s less than a Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha.

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