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This is my $1 million dollar idea, and it only works when shared massively

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I got it (or at least I am pretty convinced I got it)

The 1 Million Dollar Idea

And I am more than happy to share, because it will empower us all

Of course, I am not telling you right here in the beginning of this piece of advice that might change your life, our lives, the lives of all on this magic planet.

This trunk of information that is gonna bend your downwards pointing mental lack curve into a possibly very viral pointing up on the way to the stars laser

First, you need to know a few things, to get the complete picture, and to understand the brilliance of this proposal

1 . Bitcoin is slowly but surely resurrecting itself from crypto-winter towards bear spring. Meaning: The electronic peer 2 peer decentralized network money just passed 2 months in the green, showing a very strong upward trend for the months and even years coming. I am telling all my friends to start saving bitcoins on a weekly or monthly basis. It feels a bit like 2011 when still many people had no idea (or the wrong idea), but now the network is much saver and this post-hype climate serves the BTC community well. We are slowly looking behind the hype, banks and governments have moved beyond the phase of denial, ridiculization and censoring, and are now investigating and slowly getting themselves ready for the the acceptance phase. And then, massive utilization in the years ahead.

2. Most HODLERS, people into bitcoin from the beginning( I have read that 1000 people hold 40% of bitcoin) estimate that Bitcoin is going to climb due to a variety of events. One of them is the coming halving . According to very solid scarcity models, BTC will most likely be hovering around $55.000,- after the next halving on May 24th 2020. A further development to watch closely is all developments around the lightning network (payment ring for increasing scalability, speed and security for micropayments, the so-called Satoshis). The LN just hit all time high record capacity on april 3rd. And what about possible future ETF’s and much more stuff heading our way. I am not even mentioning here a possible coming financial crisis that will make people run with their savings towards a truly decentralized trustless platform. Bitcoins fourth all time high bull’s race is mathematically predicted somewhere around the end of 2022. So buckle up for the ride.
(The above are all my own opinions, no investment advice)

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Joehoe, are you still with me?

Great… I am sketching a few developments and predictions, to create the context of my golden egg idea. Even when you are not so much into crypto and Bitcoin, you are not interested or find it a scam, but you feel that there is something fundamentally wrong in this world and you would love to see some stuff change?… keep reading.

This is not about a greedy, get rich quick scheme. We have seen them enough in 2017 and 2018. They are polluting the movement of decentralization with some old worn out ideas based purely on greed for old time sake.

So what is this all about?

It is about the gift you have to give to the world. Your teaching, coaching, product, service, healing, books, artwork, taxiservice, hotel, massage… anything goes

How to maximalize your earning while doing good for this world?

Here comes the second bunch of facts and info you need to know, hold one, we are almost there.

3. You need to be ready to use technology to ‘sell’’ your product. You either need a website on where you offer products/services, or you have a Bitcoin wallet on your phone when you visit clients or clients visit you. So you need to read at least a little bit about blockchain, crypto and bitcoin. Medium has tons of articles, or just read my Crypto For Dummies or this one about private and public keys. Maybe you get the crypto fever like me and a growing army of people around the world.

so, we are getting close.

The last one is 4. You need to be willing to exit the current money system! (This video is amazing, by my Heroe Andreas M. Antonopoulos)


Yes, not in one go. But you need to be ready to think broader than the FIAT system of SEPA, SWIFT, bank transfers that take days, outrageous commissions, credit cards and other symptoms of a system that has seen its best days. (It used to be great fun though, lets thank the banks for their social function and invention of the credit card, and PayPal for their nice blue logo and clean app). But now we are going from PAL to PEER.

So here it comes, the Golden EGG, the one that is really simple and therefore has so much potential.

Start offering your gift for bitcoin!

It is easier than you think!

What you actually do by accepting BTC for goods or services, is that you become part of the growing decentralized peer to peer, censorship-resistant, borderless and neutral new Economy.

The good news: you can adapt to this future right NOW, because of idealistic motivation, or just financial self-empowering motives. Or Both!

The idealistic part is, in short: The only way to change the current corrupt, money sucking to the top of the pyramid architecture (not the people are ‘wrong’ doing this) is by actually EXITING this system. by STARVING THE PARASITE. And o boy, YES< there is an alternative, in fact: We are heading towards the greatest wealth redistribution transformation in human history. The money from the top of the pyramid just HAS to come down, otherwise we won’t survive as a species, period.

The financially empower yourself part is that you get paid in BTC, and you try to hold on to them as much as you can, educating yourself on the GO! And actually paying more and more with Bitcoin. A big Swiss E-market house last week accepted payments in Bitcoins. The town of Chiasso already accepted TAXES paid in BTC, or what about a nice Villa in the fresh mountains? Search and thy will find. I promise you, you don't need to buy all you need in Switzerland.

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Well, if you are technical, follow these steps to implement a Bitcoin 2 step payment system on your website.

I will publish my own experiences of implementing the latest systems in part 2! I delayed the worldwide launch of my novel “The Wisdom Keeper” since I want to sell it for BTC via my website.

In fact, you don't need a website. When you offer a service, the only thing you need is your public key printed on your invoice. And trust that people pay you after that you deliver your service or product.

also, more and more is moving in the field of charity and awareness campaigns connected to Bitcoin support. I have noticed recently someone biking to Paris with his public key to sponsoring an awareness journey. He got pretty far! Artists are integrating public keys in their artwork on the streets, or they even hide money through keys in plain sight as a marketing tool!

Once you get the word out that you can be paid in bitcoin, just see what happens! You most likely attract a new clientele, and EXTRA clientele, that supports the movement of decentralization, by buying your product or service.

And it's so much fun! I can't wait to see my first BTC orders come in for my novel, in fact, I will send the first 100 books signed to the buyer's worldwide, as a token of appreciation! We are all in this together see!

This will have a huge impact when adopted widely in the coming years! And it will come. When your argument is that Bitcoin is too volatile to adapt this: when you pay AND receive in BTC, this will neutralize this effect on the long run. And you joining this movement is part of the solution. You and many others. Follow this advice, and you will be forever in the forefront of Bitcoin pioneers that paved the way for later mass adoption.

Your early trust, vision, and work will be rewarded by Bitcoin itself. Not by the company running Bitcoin, since there is none. Follow me on twitter and let me know how you go! I will do the same. Will you be my peer? I can be yours! With the scan of a QR code, as the blink of an eye.

Lets empower each other, Lets empower the world. Let’s change the game.

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