Sorry for leaving at this point dear Jia Yung Lee.

I am in the space for 2 years now, worked in a startup, and have chosen the path of writing and educating.

You are right, in the West, our money system works. Why would the mainstream switch to alternative internet money that is difficult to get into, and a space where everyday $2,7M gets hacked.

No way jose

But this can change, and it can change rapidly. Think global crisis. When banks start to tumble, we will run to the exit of our fiat system, since now an alternative is waiting.

And there is more

I do believe in the revolution BLockchain tech is bringing us, in the long run. We all know ( by now) that it cuts out expensive middlemen, and makes up for amazing efficiency that will save us billions of dollars. Many developers are working at solutions to solve the famous blockchain problems of scalability, speed and security. And anonymity.

With each revolution comes a change of infrastructure, and the Blockchain is the new infrastructure of the movement of decentralization.

But nothing will happen really when we, humans, won't change. With what intentions will we use blockchain tech, to run a surveillance state like china? Or bank the unbanked, and redistribute the money from the top of the pyramid?

Bitcoin has imported the good old money pyramid into its own ecosystem with a small group of people owning most of the Bitcoins. Also, when the majority of people won't agree on a new form of decentralized money, Bitcoin will remain a digital currency outlaw.

At the end of the day, Bitcoin is just a tool. it is US to create a new money system with better intentions than the last one. A new story of money within a new set of values where this tool really fits us and can thrive with us. Serves us.

Many in the crypto space and CryptoTwitter echo chamber don't see this. They are in there to fill their own wallet (Like in the old system) while praising the revolution that Bitcoin one day can become. Let them have their own journey.

I can't stop writing about this, for me it is very exciting. That's why I started my own publication spirit of crypto since we need to keep looking in the space where technology meets spirituality. There is where the magic will happen.

and when it does, I would love to see you back!

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