Stop Chasing a Career — Collect Life Experiences Instead

When you’re about to burn your bridges, read this

Lucien Lecarme
6 min readMay 23, 2023
Photo by Jorge Saavedra on Unsplash

Your work should enrich you. Apart from the $$$

When it doesn’t, stop yesterday.

You can’t buy back your time with money.

Conversely, all humans need a certain degree of certainty to function.

The idea of a career is slowly becoming prehistoric.

Society is changing rapidly. The emergence of Internet-related jobs combined with The work from Home culture sparked an eruption of freelancers worldwide.

Combine this with a spiritual awakening of millions of people, and you get digital nomads spreading to spiritual hubs like Ibiza and Tulum like wildfire. I notice a gradual shift from putting money, security and career first to valuing time, inner growth and purpose more.

Listen to my life story when you feel stuck in work that might pay well but doesn’t spark that inner flame called inspiration. Avoid making the same mistakes I made.

With higher risk comes more opportunities for failure.

Without going to where the most fear resides, you’ll never conquer your highest dream and feel a kick-ass hero victory.



Lucien Lecarme

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