Thank you Amandafletcher ! And all the others that responded to the post so far !

(Marshall Erling , Lena Wells, Cristian Mihai )

It is great to feel and take in that this story inspired you in some way. It proofs sort of the point. Yes, Amanda, your story makes a difference, the more authentic and ‘you’ it becomes, the more of your unique voice shines through, the more you can and will touch reader’s hearts.

I know this is a process we, artists, are challenged with, to become naked, vulnerable, in front of our audience, but that’s exactly what will make you more human in sharing your unique experiences, and giving meaning to it all.

This becomes more and more important in these times of polarization, to share our naked truths and connect through our hearts and our human experiences beyond any self judgment, self shame or blame.

Can’t wait to read it !

Have a great day !

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