Thank you Brian Austin,

I think you are completely right that many times trading Bitcoin is a complete bet, especially due to the infamous volatility, often caused by the whales hiding in the deep water, ready to flip to the surface to consume innocent retail traders and other traders fishing for some money.

What the story of my friend taught me (again) is that, when I am in it for the fun and from joy, this mindset alone causes me to actually ‘win’ at all some BTC.

The other mindset, of going about from lack ( I want to make money.. since apparently I have not enough now?!), greed (let's get rich quick without doing much) is leading to contraction. Suddenly so much seems to be at stake. Even more, winning or losing is now connected to the ego. When you just lost that trade, you apparently suck.

When I play from joy and can see it as a big game, I stay more or less a child, wanting to learn. This doesn’t mean by the way that I don’t prepare. Looking at the indicators is part of the game. At the end of the day, trading differentiates from gambling, because we do can reduce probabilities or increase them by taking the indicators seriously.

When, at any random time, a whale decided to attack so many smaller fish, this is part of the game. I do believe that it is slightly possible to ‘predict’ this whale action, by thinking like a whale.

When everybody says UP, the whale will pull it down to the dark waters of its habitat.

Anyway, I realize we can spend hours and days writing about this subject. Everybody has to find his or her way of trading Bitcoin. And for some, it's a bad idea to start at all, but they need to learn this too.

For others, I hope this story brings about another perspective to look at trading. And to focus on the importance of your intention and mindset you start off with.

Lucien Lecarme

Stories and takeaways to empower you to live a more abundant, passionate life in joy & inspiration. Become your own Wisdom Keeper:

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