Thank you dear Allan Tarkatchev,

Funny enough I decided this week to make more videos on my YT platform CryptoEducator, although that name won’t fit what I will talk about completely. Also, as we know now, YT can ban and censor content at their whim, but that in fact might be a compliment for speaking some kind of truth.

Also, I am preparing an online course. I facilitate men’s work in Ibiza, and I always would prefer live group meetings and coaching, but this situation forces me, and many with me, to bring their work online.

I do hope with all of my heart, we can working soon again in real life with real people without screens. It will happen, many are waking up at the moment and many will realize, indeed, that at the end of the day, the people have the power.

Let’s see where this journey will take us all. I am ready to pass on my message, and indeed hope it will resonate with more so I can somehow support people in finding and speaking their voice and truth, something well needed in these times of confusion and division.

This is my YT channel

My online “Freedom & Abundance” course will go online later this week

Have a wonderful day and thanks again for the motivation to step up with the work

Lucien Lecarme

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