Thank you dear Hendrick,

You are so right about being privileged. I believe “we”in the west is even only about 10% of the world population that has a huge head start.

I do realize that even better when I travel. It makes me more humble.

Having said that, I have traveled a lot through Africa and did a charity project in Rwanda, and experienced the absolute sense of community there which was very nurturing since we have kind of lost that in our individualized society where we compete for the scarce money that is around.

In Rwanda, I learned that when you grow up there, the peers in your community, your part of the slums, your family and friends have your back. Whatever and whenever.

Quite a refreshing experience and also teaching me that some people are better of not being in our rat race. At the end, which human likes to be a rat?

About the universe. I do believe the universe always has your back.

But yeah, your right, when you are left starving on the street some yoga won’t help you but human compassion and plain money will.

I see that at the core of most problems like no food for many people is our current system of money. The top of the pyramids are sucking the moneyflow out of our economy and 99% is at the sideline working hard or giving up. Or becoming a populist since the president promises he is there for the people.

Anyways, I inspire people to exit the system not only from mindset and spiritually, but also economically. That’s why I started my publication Spirit of Crypto. I noticed you follow that, thank you for the reads and claps.

I do believe that when the people take back their true power, technology is here to support our new form of economical exchange, without the risk that new pyramids are formed and corruption strikes again.

But it all kind of starts with all and everyone of us to take full responsibility for our lives, move out of any victim position whatever your history is, and start creating a more beautiful world our hearts now is possible (From Charles Eisensteinen. Gosh, I love his ideas)

Have a great empowered and inspired day !

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