Thank you, dear Sylvia, for your compliment, that is really touching. A response to what I have been writing, your response, motivates me to write more about writing processes, and dive even deeper into the soul of things to give them words and meaning. And to shine a light on them, for sure, from my unique angle. We writers operate mostly alone, and any word of recognition is like music for the heart.

I am super happy to read that you feel motivated to pick up your pen again, to choose. I know from myself that making those 2 stories was in a way still a trick to not fully commit, not to really get started, still confidence lacking, still the barrel not full enough. It was a distraction route, a way to self-sabotage, to throw sand in my eyes in order not to see my story clearly in front of me.

So I created 2 stories to be sure that one would be good enough. Not trusting THE ONE will be good enough. Recognize something? Maybe not, maybe you are on a different track here. But yes, of course, its all about the choice, and any choice is good. To realize the barrel is full to the brim, that your words are ready to start overflowing in your unique story, not 2 of them. Only you can do this and I sent you a lot of inspiration, strength and perseverance to start this journey, enjoy it to the fullest, and happily end it. Keep me posted, please.

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