Thank you for sharing this dear Jean.

I believe we all in some way or the other spent most of our lives searching for wholeness and healing of any separation we have suffered from.

In the core of the matter, it is separation that makes us suffer the most. This beautiful life will always gifts us the opportunity for union, for unity and feeling whole again. Sometimes it might take a lifetime, hopefully for others it is sooner. We need each other for this, it is the one thing you can’t do alone.

I mean, you can make peace with yourself deep inside, you can accept shadows that you pushed away, you can allow pain that is stored deep inside. But when you bring it to the open and others see you, feel you, touch you, hug you and accept you in your pain, I have found that in this lies the biggest healing power. For this very reason I needed to see and meet my real mother.

Have a wonderful day, I hope with your loved one(s)


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