Thank you Greg Lang !

You exactly sum up the points that are most relevant. It is all about raising awareness and keeping track of the developments within the Blockchain industry.

Nr. one appliance is, as I believe, still in gaming. Security tokens on a Blockchain will also be a biggie.

Still, my worry is that new technology ALWAYS can be hijacked by people with Mal intend. Power Hungry dictators in kleptocracies can buy the best developers, only when those developers leave their ethics outside the door and go for the money and/or power.

So many won’t, they rather stick in the open source community to really contribute to a soul-full growth of humanity.

A good example is the Blockchain developer that refused to work for OneCoin, regardless of the money and privileges they offered. What happened next? The maffia behind this organization tried to silence him forever. Creepy things. Think twice before you become a Blockchain magician.

Here comes another important thing that I point out in my story. It always starts with acting out of fear or love. Sounds new agy, but that is where the intention starts for anything to develop, control, or let thrive.

At the end of the day, I think we should put our trust in the brilliant minds of this planet that still can feel their heart beating, that have passion to help others, like the unbanked in the world, and put their efforts in making humanity thrive. We need them more than ever.

Happy to know that your company is one of the hero’s of our new technological era. We need more of them, and the ‘bad guys’ will eventually flip over to where the love is. We are all humans at the end of the day.

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