Thank you Markus, I have read the Manifesto, it is totally in line with my vision and wish to build towards a decentralized value based, chapter or circle connected new model of peer to peer exchange. I live in Ibiza and we are doing some groundwork here. Check out my upcoming dummies guide about the Revolution of Money & Decentralization, will sent you the link. My objective is to educate.

Indeed. with greater freedom comes bigger responsibility, and education and storytelling, since it is also the story of humanity that is being re-written as we speak, from lack, fear, control and centralized power to abundance, sharing economics, personal & financial empowerment, value based reputational governance around certain new decentralized ground principles and consensus models… and of course technology driving these big moves.

I am an inspirational speaker about decentralization and the current revolution of money. Whenever a platform occurs, I am happy to come and speak.

The projects in Ibiza are around decentralized storage & compute and token driven social platforms ( will be online this week)

Very happy to meet you on this platform, and maybe in real life soon. Thank you for your link and great work.

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