Thank you so Much EVEN Foundation,

This is so valuable information for people to know and understand. Traveling though Kenya and Rwanda last year brought me some picture of how important Phones, Mpesa, cheap electricity and alternative ways of exchange are in these 2 countries. It inspired me to write another article about Africa and the importance of electricity, internet and being connected (title: The Right to be connected ). We are currently setting up a small initiative to sell colorful bags from a community in Kigali in Europe. All the money goes to education, paying rent and getting more woman to work on these Amahoro Bags in order to financially empower this community. We visited them last year and they are now our friends. My partner supports a student now for 5 years, this is how we got to know them.

I am trying to figure out how to pay them with Bitcoin. Problem is they don’t have a good smartphone to install an exchange or wallet. ( I could sent them an Iphone 16 gig with the wallet already installed) Bottleneck is how to exchange these BTC on a wallet into their Rwanda currency. The wallet needs to be connected to a valid bank account, but that's impossible for these unbanked people. I am going to investigate how might help. Otherwise they are still stuck with middlemen that might ask too high commission and need to be trusted. Or they should be able to pay their rent with Bitcoin, but that is an illusion right now. Any advice about this is welcome ! thank you, Lucien

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