Thank you so much Lee H. Babcock for this great add. I have seen your solution live in Kenya and Rwanda last year. I also believe that remittance is the key driver for near future adaptation. Second stage (and third, and fourth) is to educate the farmers out there. I am team member of ThreeFold Farmer and with our partner Solidaridad we are looking into turning the pyramid around for farmers on the edge. This starts with better phones, and indeed going to them to educate.

But there is also another way. My girlfriend and me started to sell handmade bags from our friends from the Kigali slums in Ibiza. We are preparing our friends there to pay them in bitcoin. And you are totally right, we are educating them first. But they did download breadwallet for example, and Kigali has some BTC ATM’s. What I am saying is that many more people in the West can potentially connect to people in poorer regions and start to educate and work together on this massive redistribution of wealth that is so needed for all of us. So than we are really working peer to peer and borderless. We hope to inspire more people with our Amahoro Bags project. It is small, but with small on the ground projects we can eventually more mountains as long as enough people see the joy and deep satisfying feeling of doing this kind of work.

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