Thank you so much Livia Dabs for your response,

It supports me to keep on writing the stuff I write, sometimes more from the rebel inside, and sometimes more mainstream.

I believe fresh air is all we need at the moment, some real good mother nutrition after nature had such a great reset. I am super happy to be able to provide that for you and other readers

Thank you also for your comment on the pieces, that is highly motivating.

I have noticed that many bigger Medium publications follow the mainstream narrative. The top pieces are mostly around following order, stay home and save lives and what else kind of misbehavior to expect from the virus.

To be honest, I can’t see the word COVID anymore

By the way, I completely understand Medium pushes the mainstream, because this is what most readers like to read, apparently. And I guess most of Medium’s readers are from the US and many states are still in staying at home mood.

All fine and good, but I see little to none articles that are critical, question the loss of freedoms and what way our society is apparently going. That voice should have a big platform too is my opinion, since millions on this planet also doubt the mainstream narrative, but obviously that makes less money. And even a platform like Medium has chosen to follow the WHO guidelines, and they do censor pieces that go against that in the holy name of community guidelines, sadly. For me its blunt censorship and a hole in the freedom of speech.

Anyways, I’ll keep following my heart, express my feelings and thoughts as my own. For me this is a great process to learn, to be mirrored, and to further develop my opinion and thoughts and my writing. I am thankful that this platform exists to express my unique voice.

Just to realize at the end of the day that I still know not much, that my truth is no better than others, and that I keep on asking myself where I can be of service, with what kind of articles. My bottom rule is that I need to be inspired when I write, so the pieces breathe inspiration.

SO any feedback is more than welcome, I’ll keep on writing mostly focused on my own experiences, my own life lessons but also more from the heart than from the rational, statistics following, science based ( because than it’s true) , controlling mind that follows fear faster than freedom.

I wish you a wonderful creative day in the flow with inspiration and much light, and love.


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