The ‘Fight Climate Change’ Narrative is Not Saving Nature — It’s Selling Adds Instead

Apparently, we need to be at war with everything — How to dismantle the rampaging narrative warfare?

Lucien Lecarme
9 min readSep 29, 2021


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I am tired of all those articles with the same war narrative. It’s almost like they all come from one Willy Wonka factory that has replaced chocolate with fear.

The people that sell us the war on climate change are the folks that helped cause it.

Here, I said it.

Now they’re doubling down on our eyes stuck to screens showing the natural disasters that they can’t care less about.

It’s capitalism at its best. Sell. Sell. Sell.

Sell humanities decline. Sell a virus. Sell civilization collapsing under our noses. And call it war so people will stay hooked on the fear vomit you call news.

It’s making me angry.

These mainstream media cartels will even sell you alien merchandise for the coming battle with Marsians when they would put their quantum A.I at work to poop out subliminal messages to keep us hooked on fear, anger and dopamine.

It’s about time to start to make sense of this world and not start a futile war with nature, a virus, or each other because headlines are frying our brains with their useless war talk.

I don’t want to be a naive hippy dancing around with flowers in my hair, but wars don’t help.

We’re being set up for a war against Climate change while still fighting a virus variant. (It used to be terrorists, remember?) Invisible hyper objects like viruses or climate change work better in narrative warfare since you fear more what you can’t see.

It’s now even turning into the ultimate goal, to set us up for a war against each other. To divide the attention from a bunch of shady elites that made billions on the pandemic and now have their plan in place to make even more trillions on our planet collapsing.

This is what to do about it.

The 21st-century war is a global…



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