The importance of cooking healthy during quarantine

Why tinned food is a bad idea

Dear Livia,

Thank you so much for your kind response and following me ! I read your piece about getting away from Nicaragua, what a story! Sorry you had to leave your paradise but as it seems life has given you a great Mediterranean life in Spain.

I agree what you mention about the current system. It is showing cracks and is kind of coming down in an increasing pace. No one will know where this will lead to, all we can kind of control is our own life, and in these times Corona our own fears.

I believe there is a lesson for all of us to be learned in this. At this moment, I learn a lot about how to stay in the middle of this storm, and how to stay actually healthy amidst this collective fear storm. By the way, not denying the seriousness of this new virus.

I read through your very brights and nice website, and it gave me inspiration to try the Brussels sprout with Pecan nuts recipy.

Why not treat myself well in these times of stress and not knowing what will happen next?. I try to stay in the moment as much as possible, and sometimes I am fully overwhelmed by deep sensations of gratitude. Just for life. It made me write this little Pandemic Poem

By the way, if feels like a great idea to spread more of your recipes, maybe online. People have loads of time now, for learning new things like cooking and using your recipes. You might even be able to organize an online cooking class. With simple products naturally. Ibiza has limited supplies at this moment, although my local shop still has many fresh and healthy products.

I think it is of main importance to keep on cooking as healthy as possible in this period, and not to fall back on tins of ravioli or other ‘quarantine’ tinned food. We need to keep our immune system strong and food is one of the core elements of this.

I might follow your online course when you have time to set it up. Our gift of digital connectivity is a real blessing in this period.

Stay well, hugs from Ibiza


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