This is How Coronavirus is a Miracle In Disguise

We can turn the weapon of fear pointed towards us into a sword of change to perform miracles

I was just on the toilet and a sharp thought hit me from the shadow of my consciousness.

I know 2 people who got the coronavirus. I know them well, I trust them. They posted an honest, non-hysterical post about how they are. They are doing fine. I immediately put them in the 80% box of people with mild phenomena.

But then it hit me.

They are the closest I got to Corona getting real in my own life. They live in Belgium, I live in Spain. For the rest of it. Nothing, Nada, Crickets.

This is the thought that stroke me like lightning on a clear day, while sitting on the toilet and waiting for my chicken soup to get ready

All I know about the Corona Virus is from social media. Period. Applause.

I don’t have a TV. To specify.

There is no other reference. I don’t know anybody who knows anybody who got seriously sick, or worse, died.

In my daily tangible reality, Coronavirus does not exist.

The flu does. I got is 2 months ago and was sick for 3 weeks. Not in bed, but it hit me like trump punching me in the stomach with the most stupid tweets written in the history of mankind.

I find myself in the most massive schizophrenic situation that I ever lived.

Take today as an example. In today’s reality birds sing, flowers grow abundantly in the spring alike nature this time of year in Ibiza. My cats still miauw for food when the sunset sets in.

And yet, the world is stroke by a disaster. No, not completely that.

The world is bracing for a possible, coming disaster.

Even more accurate:

The world is bracing to prevent a coming possible disaster.

Should I brace with it to show my empathy, my support? To not let my peers down?

Yes, I chose to do so. Except for the hike I did today with 2 English tourists. With 1 meter distance. They both had a cough. Ai. But for 3 weeks already. Sigh, then it's OK.

But that’s it for the week. I chose self-isolation because when we all do, we help the weaker, and we prevent hospitals for being overloaded.

Our Ibiza hospitals are only overloaded in summer with drunk and over drugged party youngsters. I guess they won’t have that problem this coming summer. But I am sure they are not prepared for 30.000 people in a line in front of emergencies to get corona tested.

But wait. Lets go back to my reality for a moment.

Because I love to make my point. About the schizophrenic thing.

It is the crack between our daily realities and the stuff we see on Facebook. This is the first clear and eminent example in my entire life, that Facebook's reality has taken over.

What happens on social media, news sites, websites or whatever, is more real than what happens around me.

And I am afraid that probably is the same experience for thousands if not millions of people around me. For you too?

Did you just come back from a supermarket to get the last can of ravioli, rice and beans? While you know nobody who is suffering from something that is such an imminent threat that we need to shut down complete countries now ?

How do you feel about that? Do you just comply and don’t think to much. Or you worry about the consequences? Probably, everybody does that. Trillions of scenarios are made in this very moment about something that is not tangible in the lives of 97% of the people. Our imagination is working over hours.

This crisis, by the way, is showing us brilliant and very positive things already.

The people in power, in control, of media, of countries, of your health, they apparently have the power to shut down complete countries in a day, summon everybody to stay home, close airports etc.

Because of a threat.

OK. There are deaths in many countries. But not that many as the daily deaths of an ordinary influencia, or I guess something as banal as housewives falling from a chair when they are cleaning the window. (Domestic incidents and deaths are the highest count for house doctors)

Still, because of the nature of a pandemic outbreak, we need to close down our social lives with a big lock and wait for orders. Do you trust enough your government and follow them blindly where ever they lead you in this?

Hell no.

I do it for my peers, my sisters and brothers, my tribe. And when we do it well, this home quarantine, the corona thing will cease.

The funny thing, however, is that we will never know.

We only will know when things will turn bad and worse and into catastrophe. Let’s assume that won’t happen because we are wise and responsible, and China and South Korea are pushing the numbers down, so can we.

So assume the numbers go down, countries open again, we can go back to work if it still exists. We will never know what happened.

Birds never stopped to sing in my garden, the sun continued to sink in the sea for all those days of quarantine. My cats are probably hungry since cat food was no longer a priority in the supermarket, if still open at all.

I stayed at home, and supported this cause, without evidence. Without anyone in my circle falling down like the videos from China show. (Are they even real Corona cases? You will never know)

This story shows me 2 things:

ONE: It is very scary to observe how much power Facebook and the internet, and news, in general, have gained over our lives.

The viral spread of something that potentially threatens us all has showed a weapon that no nuclear bomb can beat.

It is our own fear. It is mass fear.

When pointed towards us, the population, imagine what can happen. Well look around, it is happening right now.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am not even going there. I am making a clear and sober observation that what I have seen the last days evolve around me is nothing less than mass hysteria based on news and feeds while absolutely nobody has proof of something happening in their own life. None. Nada.

When you suffer from the Virus at this moment, I really am with you. This piece is not to deny the fact that it (probably) exists. I hope you understand this. And I truly hope you will get better.

It is about this.

TWO: It is about the scary observation of what fear can do within days. It can paralyze societies, it can close borders, it can crash stock markets while there is no PROOF whatsoever in 97% of the people real lives that they should be really worried, or even scared. Or even have so much fear.

It are amazing times.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Now the positive thing.

What if we turned that fear into something positive, like say heal the planet, and it had the same urgency?

This crisis shows me that we actually do have the capacity as people, as nations to perform miracles within a day.

It can happen within a day.

First: The urgency needs to appear in our everyday lives
Second: We need to agree, as people, to follow the rules.
Third: We need to communicate this massively through the same social media.

This all creates a common purpose. And all our minds energy will be pointed towards solving the problem, manifesting the miracle, changing the course of history forever.

Do you even sense remotely what this could change in a weekend? On the positive side?

This crisis has won already.

It's 1–0 for humanity. The amount of collective responsibility is mind-blowing. I am deeply touched by it.

When we turn the weapon of fear into a sword of love and light to plant those new forests, to come up with new agreements on our economy, to save the slaughter animals from their terrible last hours. The change would be there in a day.

We, the people, have the power.

Thank you, Corona for showing this. And now get the hell back in the closet.

Lucien Lecarme

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Lucien is writer, blogger and author of “The Wisdom Keeper”. He lives in front of a wonderful magnetic rock in Ibiza where he organizes retreats. He loves Hiking and dancing tango and has 14 wild cats. Lucien’s passion is to write, learn and grow as a human and writer every single day.

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