Together we Thrive Versus a Sterile Society

Corona crisis is the climax of these 4 trends in our Western culture

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We seem to be pushed, slowly but surely, towards a sterile 1.5M distance society. Mainstream media outlets are very cleverly introducing new words and concepts on an almost weekly basis that are supposed to be part of a so-called new normal.

Behind all of it lies, obviously, the fear for a virus. The question weather the mass fear is the real virus, I’ll leave up to you.

New social norms only work when there is a broad consensus in society around new values, around new rules and around new agreements.

My personal problem with the 1,5-meter society is that it is opposed.

It wasn’t part of any program in any election in any country. I didn’t see any referendum about it, nor did it came about from a natural, organic movement in society that suddenly felt the need for social distancing.

On the contrary. Human beings are, by nature, herd beings. We love to come together and celebrate cultural and sporting events, staying close to each other. To dissolve in the masses of a concert or festival is a magical experience where everybody is allowed access to a collective field and to transcend their ego’s for a brief moment of ecstasy.

For a healthy culture, it is crucial to forget our individual worries for a moment, to shout our lungs out when we cheer for our favourite sports team, to sing in harmony on choruses and melodies that have become part of collective consciousness in modern dance music culture.

None of these very healthy and elemental cultural expressions are going to happen in 2020.

All major sports events and cultural events have been cancelled, including epic get-togethers as the European Football Championships and Festivals like Burning Man.

I still almost can’t believe it. My unbelief goes beyond the question who is responsible for this, why we let this happen, and why this is happening in the first place.

I am just sad in my heart, and my body, and try to accept that humanity just has made the wrong turn for a hopefully brief moment of our evolution.

My concerns go beyond the question if these measures are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. I would love to express my vision of a more embodied society, versus a sterile society.

I’ll show how the sterile variant is the climax of cultural trends that have been building up for decades. While the virus appeared to come out of nothing, you can’t force social norms and fundamental cultural changes in a matter of weeks when the architecture was not already present in years preceding such radical changes.

The conditions: A pandemic in its first stages

Let’s go a few steps back first to examine when and where the first outlines of the model of a sterile society were born.

These colossal decisions all have been made in the relative beginning of the outbreak of ‘The Pandemic’. Suddenly the totality of humanity found itself in a new War against the Coronavirus, if you liked it or not. New rules and constraints were presented to us in short and small mainstream media news bulletins, as unavoidable actions to ‘save lives’’, ‘help to flatten the curve’.

They didn’t come from the global scientific consensus, they were a result of following a policy laid out by the World Health Organization. Suddenly the expertise of a few men combined with computer prediction models urged a global lockdown and the shut down of our world economy. These few men pointed to China and their seemingly successful complete lockdown strategy executed with their millions of security camera’s and hence other surveillance technology already being in place.

Suddenly the free west, We, followed the Chinese model. People like UK president Boris Johnson initially were opposed, but then local ‘Government’ scientist like in the UK Prof. Neil Ferguson came up with estimations of 500.000 deaths in the UK alone through computer models generated by the Imperial College London where he ran the COVID Research Group.

Based on these models, Boris Johnson changed course and the country went into lockdown. When the initial predictions didn’t meet reality by far, Prof Fergusson amended the numbers down to less than 10% of the initial.

Still, based on this kind of ‘Pandemic’ scary numbers, the UK decided on Lockdown. Brittain has 30.000 corona deaths up till this date.

Prof. Fergusson resigned after admitting he broke social distancing rules twice to meet his lover on March 30th and April 8th. This highly hypocritical behaviour of people that hypothetically could be held responsible for misleading the people on a mass scale will all be a glitch in history since the architecture of the “new social normal” already has been set in place.

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Of course, nobody protested in these initial weeks of fear and corona loathing. Millions of people were more occupied with hoarding toilet paper and stacking food supplies in an initial fight or flight response than even remotely being concerned over their democratic rights.

On the cultural level; Why worry about some events being cancelled when your new normal suddenly is house arrest?

On the contrary, the opinion temperature on social media, our only way to socially communicate, pointed clearly into the direction that millions of people actually wanted this isolation, couldn’t wait for a new normal to be implemented, or basically anything that would save their lives. Because nobody really knew how dangerous this virus was in phase 1.

The conditions for a new normal. The second phase: censorship of other narratives

We now have much more knowledge. There is massive data available. Without going into the details, hundreds of scientists seem to agree on a few things:

  • It was not a pandemic, the total number of Corona Deaths worldwide don’t exceed annual flu deaths.
  • Lockdown should be terminated as quickly as possible, the elderly should be protected, kids can go to school, we need to build herd immunity.
  • Unbiased tests under a wide range of the population in California, the state of New York, Germany and other countries show that on average 1/5 of the population tested positive. They had mild or no symptoms at all.

Many of these renowned scientists urge to open up society and save our economy, or what is left to be saved.

The very strange thing is that the most popular videos of some of these scientists now have been censored by tech platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Questioning the rules laid out by Governments from a professional point of view and background leads to being censored from public health and safety reasons. For me, again, that feels anything like healthy to me from a democratic and free press and word point of view.

I refrain from commenting on this further since I hold no truth. I have no clue who to trust whatsoever. When I watch videos, I only can follow my guts combined with some analytical common sense thinking. Maybe the world wide lockdown made the virus burn out by now and it was the best thing to do.

But what about the initial statements by many governments that we first need to flatten the curve (in this we succeeded), and then realize herd immunity for 80% of the population?

My logic thinking tells me that letting the younger and healthy part of the population get together is the right thing to do at this moment, in favour of that herd immunity. When it is true that in general 1/5 of the population is immune or at least tested positive without having many problems or symptoms than there seems little to no danger to let healthy people get together and let them live normal again. Or at least engage in some sort of economical activity to save that is there to be saved of their livelihood.

Sadly, we have been told social distancing will be the new normal. It is simply imposed on us, and the majority of humanity seems to be still too scared to even begin to make anything of opposition against it. Which is practically difficult while many of us are still confined to our houses and public gatherings over 30 or 50 people are strictly forbidden.

Political Opposition in many countries magically seems to all agree on this new normal, apart from some dissidents like Herbert Kickl in Austria or Dr Shiva, candidate for US senate.

I like to show you why I believe the new normal should be an embodied society. I show you why this fits in our organic evolution as humanity. Also, i will show you why a sterile society is a danger to the physical and mental health for many. It is just not a wise thing to do. By the way, only acting out of fear is never a wise thing to do.

I start with the intended sterile society and ending with my vision of a really embodied living together.

The Sterile society

This is the society we have been suddenly forced into. It is not there yet since many are still in lockdown, but this is the outline showed to us by the mainstream narrative. A vision on humanity sponsored by more or less privately funded organizations like the WHO and executed by our politicians that we elected in some kind of remote blurry democratic past.

The social distancing new normal society that I call the sterile society. Why is it even occurring in our realities? Apart from the question if it keeps us save and healthy or not.

According to the very bright mind of philosopher Charles Eisenstein, what we see unfold in our societies today, is nothing but an acceleration of trends that are going on for decades now.

The trends are expressions of our story of culture and specifically the elements of:

  • Human control over forces of nature: Nature is placed outside of us and is often seen as a threat, something to force on its knees in order to dominate and have full authority over, and to exploit.
  • Rationalization and quantification: Things only exist when they can be quantified, measured, extract data from and put into computer models to predict some kind of desirable outcome.
  • The story of separation. We are separate beings mostly in competition with each other over never enough money. The trend of separation is becoming more and more visible in our technological advancements expressed in social media that have increasingly made us communicate via screens.
  • The denial of death and the avoidance of insecurities and unpredictable live events

All these trends are climaxing and surfacing in our current crisis. They have been taken to an extreme. The war on a virus means we have made nature our latest enemy now in a most extreme form.

Humans consist of uncountable viruses. There are more viruses in our world than there are stars in the universe. Together they make up the human virome. We also carry 40 trillion bacteria in our bodies. Viruses and bacteria are part of our ecosystem. We are made out of them. No viruses, no life on earth.

Now suddenly this novel virus has been isolated and brought daily into our awareness as the biggest threat to our existence. Only when it is utterly destroyed we have won the battle over nature. Our own nature.

It is clear that this battle never can be won, since it is a fight against our very biological ecosystems. The most logical outcome is that is will only weaken us and our natural immune systems.

We have locked down our world as we knew it based on state scientists like Prof Dr. ‘Lockdown’ Ferguson or organizations like the CDC in the United States, that have presented us with computer models and statistics that predicted millions of deaths worldwide. The initial numbers have been downgraded at the beginning of April to 10% or even much less than the initial predictions.

Coming back to the trend of quantification, this is a great example of how life on earth has been hugely impacted based on computer models quantifying and extrapolating outcomes.

I would like to add here, instead of following our common sense, what our own bodies tell us and our bodies experience with over a lifetime dealing with viruses like the flu. In the case of the Corona crisis, it is clear that billions have put their trust in quantification and data instead of what we, humans, and our bodies own intelligence ‘know’ to be right.

The trend of screen separation was already going on for years due to our social media. Before the crisis, teens spend up till and astonishing 9 hours a day behind screens, meaning not engaging in playing outside or meeting pals in the real. This trend of physical separation is obviously climaxing during this crisis due to the unprecedented worldwide lockdown of people in their houses. When we are allowed outside, the 1.5 social distancing should be respected.

Apparently the direction of our culture and social norms direct towards even more physical distance, meaning separation. You are not me, you are separate and can form a danger to my health. It is saver to meet digitally, in Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp meetings online. This also resulted in promoting and ‘normalizing’ work from home as part of a new normal. I wrote a piece about that concluding that this new working normal will radically decrease creativity and innovation:

The trend of death and insecurity avoidance has never been made so crystal clear as in our current crisis. Most of our science around health care is about extending life. It is clear that many victims of COVID 19, are people over 70 years old. Latest numbers of Statistica show that in Spain, where I live, 13,6% is the mortality rate for over 70 years, 20.7% over 80 years and 21.2% over 90 years. 3.1% is the mortality rate for under 60 years of age. I have no clue where the rest of the 100% is, but hey, I don’t have a degree in statistics.

Many older people over 70 years have died alone with a respirator waving bye bye to their family over face time.

Our culture didn’t tell them to live 30 days shorter and choosing to be with their close family in a safe and emphatic surrounding. In the scientific world, viruses like the flu are known to be the last carrier of old people with different other morbidities, to carry them to their last resting place.

Now, even more than ever, quantity appears to overcome the quality of life in our mostly science driven health care. Of course, there are many exceptions to this rule when we look at medical centres that work more holistically. It might be wise to widen your perspective for a moment and look at non-western cultures where death is an integrated part of life and doesn’t need to be avoided at all cost. Then you might start to understand why the underlying narrative of the Corona Crisis is so much culturally defined.

It is apparent that our culturally determined death and insecurity avoidance rate is peaking around this crisis. Even not that long ago, during the threat of the Swine flu in 2009, death rate computer models spat out the same scary numbers of millions of deaths worldwide. The result: No lockdown, no social distancing, no mass fear.

Life went on pretty much normal.

Finally, the deaths caused by the Swine flu were estimated 284,000 worldwide and 12.469 in the US according to the CDC. Lower than average annual flu deaths that are estimated up to 650.000 worldwide by the WHO.

What happened to our culture in those 10 years? Are we increasingly afraid of losing control over forces that we ultimately can’t control? Is technology making us more and more scared of life offering an alternative ‘safe’ virtual world on our screens?

Why are we increasingly fearful to engage with other real human beings? Why are we so afraid of life itself?

At the end of the day, it boils down to asking yourself the question: how do I want to live and die? How many ‘risk’ am I prepared to take to live a full and joyful life engaged with other real human beings?

I feel that this crisis forces billions of people around the planet to at least look at these questions. It forced me to write this article and present you with my most like-able society. My vision on different trends that in my opinion form a healthy alternative to the apparent sterile society that our mass culture is embracing right now.

The embodied society

Let me introduce to you 4 alternative cultural stories that underlie my utopian society, a new normal in where humanity can expand in wisdom from our bodies and hearts and eventually thrive together in balance with each other and nature

Photo by Riccardo Chiarini on Unsplash

The story of abundance
The good earth is rich, there is enough for everyone — Charlie Chaplin.

When we change our current story of lack; there is not enough for everyone, to abundance, this will be a cornerstone for new models of exchange and economic behaviour. When we take a close look at nature, it is obvious that there is abundance. When you take a deep dive into your soul, you’ll find abundance there too. Lack is a mere illusion.

15.000 people die daily of malnutrition or no food at all, while in the West we overproduce up till 50% yearly, 2 billion tonnes of food. It is thrown away.

When we step out of our old narrative of mass consumerism and are prepared to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, that in the end will make us happier human beings, a great redistribution of wealth can start to take place. This only can happen when humanity is ready to embrace a more spiritual lifestyle than a materialistic one. We need to lose some to gain much more. Are you prepared to make the offer?

The story that we are a part of nature
It is clear to me that I am part of nature, I exist of nature. I love to be in nature, I care for nature, being in contact with nature brings back a natural balance within myself. I cry inside when I see natural devastation in order to feed our mass consumer lifestyles. I feel something is dying inside of me when I see another rain forest taken down a la Avatar.

On the contrary; taking care of my garden, seeing seeds growing and flowers blossom, and respecting nature at all times nurtures me.

I accept that nature is more intelligent than me, there is nothing to control or bent to my whims. I know I can access that intelligence through the use of plant medicine. The earth is rich with natural medicines, they are everywhere around us in nature. I know from living experience that when I live in balance with nature and my own nature, I won’t get sick. In fact, I haven’t seen a hospital in 40 years. The only pills I take are maybe a few pain killers a year.

I am not afraid of nature, I love her force, wisdom and abundant beauty and food she provides. I feel humbled by nature, I feel a deep inborn need to respect her deeply. She gave me life, and I dedicate my life to giving back to her, to heal her, especially in these times.

I ask her forgiveness for all the blinded and fear full souls on this planet that have turned their back against her and made her their enemy. Also, they will return gracefully to her soil as from the seeds of the earth we are born and as ashes, we will return.

The story of the further exploration of our bodies towards an embodied society.
More and more people discover the wonders of their bodies. They start to use it as an instrument, a sacred temple so to speak, to track emotions, feelings, attraction and repulsion and most of all: connection with other bodies. This physical connection allows the central nervous system to fully relax, restore and renew. With it comes a very necessary mental relax, feeling accepted possibly fully nurtured.

Through human touch, cuddles and hugs we feel loved and held.

This is part of our evolution, our growth as human beings. Many people are only just at the beginning of discovering their body as a divine instrument. They realize that traumas are stored in their bodies and they embrace healing modalities to let go of those traumas. They start to use Wim Hof breathing exercises, Yoga, pineal gland activation methods to alter their state of consciousness through their bodies.

Our bodies are vehicles to experience the divine, but for many, the body is just a vehicle for sexual expression of lust and desire. For them, those are the rare moments the body is fully experiences and honoured. Or through working out at the gym or doing sports.

Many are experiencing and feeling that our bodies are much more than vehicles to be used for satisfaction and living out our lust and desire. Our bodies are sacred and are a form and proof of our consciousness having a human experience, in a human body. Why not celebrate our sacred body every day by giving it healthy nurturing food, by exercise and attention and the magic of human touch and contact.

I trust my own body more than people that tell me what is good for my health that I have never seen in my life

My vision of a healthy society is the opposite of the sterile view that not only completely neglects the wisdom and healing powers of our own body, but moreover the healing power of touch, of dancing together, hugging, cuddling and relaxing our nervous systems through contact. Basically, in having an embodied experience.

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

The story of unity and joy
Life is given to us. It is truly the biggest gift on earth. Also, our natural birthright is joy. We are here as humans to discover truly what it means to be human, and eventually to thrive together in a higher unity consciousness feeling connected to everything and all. We are intrinsically connected to everything and all, we are one body, one earth, one consciousness. This is our true nature.

Because life is given to us, our innate need is to give back. That, in fact, is what makes us truly happy and fulfilled, when we can serve, when we can give back. Our talents, gifts, love and energy.

This need and power will eventually overcome the current acceleration of greed, of grabbing what can be taken by a few. The last efforts of power-hungry men that lost all sense of morality or empathy or even remotely feel responsible for the millions of deaths they have caused and are causing right now.

They play out the last shadows of humanity that force us to stand firm in our light and love, to give everything we have to make truth overcome lies and deceit. It is not even a battle, it is the pain of the birth of letting go of the old stories of control, fear and separation, and the birth of our new culture of unity, embodied wisdom, love and abundance.

Lucien Lecarme

Join my tribe to create our new normal and thrive together

Lucien is writer, blogger and author of “The Wisdom Keeper”, a heroes journey about the need to fall in love with earth again and be humbled by the wisdom of our earth keepers.

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