Wake Up — You Live in a World Where Dissident Voices Need to Go to Zero

How to tackle a bunch of elites that fit in one bus

Lucien Lecarme
6 min readFeb 24, 2022


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The people want change.

The world is in desperate need of unity, wisdom, love and a commonly agreed consensus on what is true, what is real, what is important.

To save this amazing place and what’s left of our civilization from extinction.

To make the right choices for our beloved planet and our children.

We don’t want another war between countries where they speak Russian. We’re all tired of this show that’s really about gas, oil, money, contracts, weapons and power.

We’re all tired after decades of propaganda. Yet, there is more weaponization, information warfare, demonization, polarization and induced fear and chaos than ever.

Where am I going with this?

The people that benefit from our suffering, our demise, sickness, loss of dignity and loss of power and humanity.

This group of people; they fit in a single bus.

A single bus…..yet, they completely OWN the mainstream media and Big Tech social media platforms. And by doing so, and using Artificial Intelligence for their benefit (not ours), they shape and maintain the perception of millions on this planet, if not billions.

It's a perception game. And this is why you, me — all of us — need to break free from it. Before it’s too late.

Truth vs Conspiracy

This is not a conspiracy theory. I wish it was. When you take enough time and effort to go down the rabbit-hole, you’ll end up seeing this as a possible truth.

A very likely one.

I can’t and won't claim the truth. This world has gone beyond complexity for one mind to grasp. I call it my truth, and the truth of a growing army of reality-seekers.

Just one example.

James C. Smit is chairman of Pfizer, and Chief Executive Officer and Director of Thomson Reuters Corporation. Reuters makes press releases and thus creates news. How can there not be a conflict of interests here?



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