We are moving in the age of Aquarius, right after social distancing

We are slowly moving out of the individualization age

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Dear Sari Tähtinen,

Actually I fully agree with you ! We are slowly moving out of the individualization age. Did you happen to see Kaypacha Pele Report of april 8th? He talks about exactly this topic. What he says is this: From a very broad perspective, humanity is moving out of the patriarchy, a 2000 year masculine injected time frame characterized by: possession, power, separation, hierarchies, pyramids, Kings, law, authority, competition etc. Before that we had the era the feminine with Utopian places like Lemuria, Atlantis and further. I have personally no proof of this, although I live around the corner of Atlantis here on Ibiza !

Anyhow, the me me me period was very necessary, we needed to explore our ego’s and like a child growing up without mammy all the time around. This led to a kind of overdoing it, expressed in the massive narcissism we can see all around us right now, especially in our world leaders and CEO’s grabbing for more more more.

Happily we are going out of this right now. I understand your allergies of these times of the ego , and indeed, we are not going back there. Now will come the time of integration, we will come together in value driven communities, circles and in-groups where we will feel save enough to let go of our ego’s while finally we can be held by this sense of belonging, be held by the collective field of awareness, by our peers. I am very looking forward for this period.

Funny enough,

the culture of separation and its individualized narrative is pushed to its maximum at the moment with the social distancing.

Also most big pop and culture festivals around the world have been cancelled, including Burning Man in september 2020. I felt sad when I heard this yesterday, culture the lifeline of people, but especially the coming together, celebrating life, being connected physically and dissolving in big groups of dancing and celebrating friends using all kind of medicine just the feel free and connected.

Will it happen in 2020? Hell yeah, we will make it happen, even so when we need to go underground for it. I already picture some kind of Matrix ZION party in caves here in Ibiza, far away from the drones.

Ofcourse it will happen, it is natures will, it is the destiny of humanity. Those fighting it from fear of their own spiritual evolution will need to let go eventually, or they will die. Which is also letting go. And not of COVID but of fear of inevitable change.

So, no new beat generation, you are right. But a hell of a parties and celebrations in communities and circles world wide, Burning man or not. While we slowly moving into the age of Aquarius which is all about:

Connection, Love, Self determination, tribe, nature and natural science, flow and unity of the divine masculine and feminine

AHO Sister, see you at the other side.

Lucien Lecarme

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