What is There to Lose When so Much is Taken From you?

Brace for impact, get wise now

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Dear Hendrick, thank you for sharing your life story, or at least a part of it!
I am happy you chose this path for you and your partner. I believe this crisis will teach many people that everything is relative, that things can fall away within a matter of days. Kind of a shortcut to focus on what really matters.

I believe more and more people will choose to leave the overcrowded cities and find peace and tranquillity in a rural lifestyle as you did. Having said that, it won't be possible for everybody. Already 7 million Americans, for example, lost their jobs last weeks. Many in cities won’t have the money to just move away. Or at least, that is what they think.

My experience living on Ibiza taught me this: I have some friends that got in a crisis in their lives, they sold their stuff on eBay, and bought a plane ticket to a greener and healthier destination. Within weeks there lives turned around since they followed their joy. Of course, this needs courage, but many people will ask soon: What is there to lose when so much is taken from me?

I agree completely with you, put your (last) money in gold or Bitcoin, especially now. It looks like it that the economy that soon will implode will blame it on Corona and not its own flaw fundamentals. It won’t matter anymore, it needed to pop anyways. Sadly the coming economic Armageddon will bring much chaos, more disruption and possible anarchy.

It is wise to prepare for this now, not out of fear but just common sense.
And see the old world fall down from our self-chosen healthy nature connected living place preferably with our own garden. In compassion, not from separation and by contributing a helping how we can and where we can. For me, at this moment, by writing.

Have a great day!

Lucien Lecarme

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