When Speaking Your Truth — Don’t Forget to Listen to Others

Why Conspiracy Theories are on the Rise

When conspiracy theories are flying left and right like UFO’s, what and who to trust?

Nobody is asking the question of why conspiracy theories are popping up like pimples when you just shaved your legs.

They are annoying, but before squeezing them out, you’ll wonder why they keep coming back? Are you eating something wrong?

Without going into the subject matter, and try to figure out which conspiracy theory might have a spark of truth, I rather focus on the question of why they are appearing on such a massive scale.

To simply dismiss all them as lies doesn’t do it for me. They serve a purpose. By the way, when we have a quick peek in history, these 12 conspiracy theories later turned out to be true.

As a writer and an advocate for free speech, organizations, companies and governments saying that their truth is the only one and others should be censored is a huge red flag for me.

What is going on? How to deal with this massive truth-finding in ourselves and others?

Why are conspiracy theories on the rise? — are we entering the era of grand exposure?

Exposure means things that are hidden, likes lies, are surfacing. For all of humanity to learn from it. There is no blame here, nobody is wrong or right, it’s just the grand purging of the truth for the sake of all of humanity.

What I see happening around me, for example in the COVID crisis, is governments and privately funded organizations doing a humongous effort to try to convince people of one specific storyline, one narrative so to speak.

People with alternative views and opinions are dismissed as conspiracy theorists and they have a big chance to be censored. The argument is that in times of a pandemic, one line, one centralized decision should be followed for our own safety.

And here is where things went wrong.

People like to be heard, even when they might be wrong. A cornerstone of any democracy is posing a thesis, weighing one argument against another, let everybody speak and come to a consensus about a broadly supported truth.

When this core process and even our right for free speech is cornered, do you think it’s strange people will fill this ‘trust gap’, with their own best guess?

The other aspect is the innate need for people to give meaning to their life’s.

After the Church stopped being the authority long ago and now the governments are getting less transparent by the day and are being massively mistrusted, you have only one resource to turn to.

Your own truth.

You’ll need to give meaning to your life and what’s happening around you yourself.

Conspiracy theories fill the vacuum of reliable, trustful and transparent information that our centralized trusted state used to give us to guide and unite us.

In my own opinion, anybody that doesn’t allow an alternative voice and censors a different opinion is either very afraid of something or is telling a lie and is afraid the lie will be exposed.

When you are strongly getting your own truth across, be careful not to do the same.

What is being exposed?

Look around in social media land to get an idea what the so-called conspiracy theorists are trying to expose. Or when you blindly trust our governments, stick with them, everybody is on their own journey of making sense of it all.

What is being exposed?

In general, I would say all misleading information and downright lies, all things that got corrupted, that benefit only a few. All things coming from the abuse of power and the use of fear.

In the case of COVID, alternative scientific information that becomes available after the initial decision making, when more data is available, is peer-reviewed and has a broad consensus. When governments and MSM still block this information, it’s only natural that people get suspicious.

How fast the lie might be, the truth will always persevere

The following important fact is not exposed yet, But I wouldn’t mind taking a bet that it will.

Sometimes all you need to do is follow the money.

Our economic system is broken, to the bone. COVID is doing a great job covering up the mess, but during the pandemic, more than 6 trillion dollars in the U.S. alone have been handed out at the FED’s backdoor to bail out companies like Boeing and banks. An amount that turns the $1200,- payout check total into a needle in the haystack of monopoly bailout money.

All this happened while the world was hiding in place, scared to death by a virus. The mass media missed this mother of bailouts completely being too occupied with showing numbers of dead people from Corona.

Now you would expect inflation to go rampant, stock markets to crash, but no. It’s soaring. All-time high after all-time high, while our economy is down the slummer and respectful companies are in line to file for bankruptcy.

Take Herz as an example. They didn’t make it through the lockdown. Still, their stock isn’t zero? How come? Robin hood investors are buying, en masse, bankrupted companies while getting subsidized by the same FED money printing press that is still saving companies left right and center, with your future tax money.

Excuse me?

Millions of people are losing their jobs because of a virus, the government throws some breadcrumbs, and in the same moment hedge funds and investors pumping up stocks of bankrupted companies to sell it with 400% profit ??


The economy has become a casino playground for the Fake Robin Hoods of today that give a shit about the hard working man in the concrete jungle of today’s world. All they are doing is feasting on the carcass of our economy, steeling billions of ‘help save the economy with your tax’ money in another very nontransparent financial endgame. They are filling their suitcases with $ as we speak, before jumping onto the lifeboat from the Titanic of our economy, to silently, invisibly, sail to their private islands.

Check out this publication to learn how centralization has led to our current system that facilitates our economy to have nothing to do with reality anymore and is one of the core reasons for the huge inequality we see today in our world.

All of this is a huge breeding ground for people to get angry, obnoxious and losing their last ounce of trust in Governments. Fertile soil for conspiracy theories to grow.

Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

I realize the above is my truth, and you probably feel some anger and frustration bleeding through my words. The feeling of injustice I have is bigger than a need to back up every statement with a decent fact check, although I am studying the movement of decentralization for the past 3 years and wrote a small book about it.

But hey, I am not a scientist.

I do realize I might have been blinded by my own truth, and dismiss another opinion right away. It’s my drive for justice, for the process of truth-finding, my desire for trust to be restored. Exactly this process I see happening all around me. It perfectly fits this time frame of confusion.

Our societies are split, divided. People rage wars against each other and in their own hearts.

Basic trust in the centralized organizations that we once put in place to guide and lead us has eroded to pre-biblical proportions. People fill this trust gap with the result of their own quest to find meaning. Now, they are called conspiracy theorists. That is not helping.

People need to be heard, each and every one of our voices should count.

When our governments have stopped listening, you still can.

When we collectively want to come out of our polarized way of living, we need to stop claiming our opinion as truth.

Getting your opinion and ‘truth’ across blocks really listening to a different voice. Realize your own need for your truth to be heard.

Try to acknowledge the other voice, maybe the opposite notion. This is rare today, but the only way into softening the razor-sharp edges of our society and to move forward in unity.

The truth will persevere, trust will re-appear — as it always did and will.

Lucien Lecarme

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Lucien is writer, blogger and author of “The Wisdom Keeper”, a heroes journey about the need to fall in love with earth again and be humbled by the wisdom of our earth keepers.

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