Why all emotions are equal

Do “good” and “bad” emotions exist? Emotions are energy, intense moments of release of tension. Emotions can serve as red flags (fear), can lift you up (joy, ecstasy), make you feel small (sadness). What do they all have in common? They make you feel alive. Emotions all come from the same source but serve different purposes.

To make a distinction in the good and the bad and the ugly is a mistake many make. This is why.

In general, fear is seen as a negative emotion. But what if fear is actually a possibility for growth? The shivering of the soul before expansion? In that light, fear turns suddenly in something very potent.

Emotions are energy. We flag them, and that makes them have a color, so we can judge them

Anger and aggression is a powerful energy. Why would it be negative? A release of anger clears the sky, brings clarity.. all positive stuff. Anger is mostly stored and suppressed. Because of fear for its power, because of social and personal conditioning. When this specific energy builts up in the body, the fear increases to release it. Until the resistance breaks. The floodgates are open, and then it can come out in excessive amounts, maybe too much for that the situation needed. We call that toxic. The energy, however, is true and honest, its just energy. Self-judgement, blame and shame can follow. All elements that are related to emotions.

Pure, raw emotions is the lifeline of our existence. It makes us come alive

When we repress them, it makes us, logically, come less alive. There are hundreds of ways to learn to release your stored emotions. Babies and children have no emotional issues until they reach a certain age. They don’t contain themselves since they are not aware of “self”.

The most common reason for people to contain their emotions is that their parents have made them wrong for showing emotions. For being themselves basically. This creates huge unsafety. So when it is unsafe to show your emotion, you better hide it. When you release it, it might be judged again, and that hurts. This process is internalized, meaning, you make yourself wrong for showing your emotions. And so this makes it possible that this positive lifeforce become monsters in the dark. Shadows. The mind makes it contribution by telling you that those monsters are dangerous, and should stay where they are.

Every contraction, however, one day will lead to expansion. When the resistance becomes too strong, the dam will break. Sooner or later.

When most stored old pain-related emotions are released, you feel more free, more alive. But emotions will always be there. since in their core, they are all positive and welcome. They all serve a function.

Anger, for example, can be used to make clear boundaries. Once you are in balance with the amount of anger you carry in your body on a daily basis, you can get to know it as one of your most valuable assets. Anger is the same as Chi, lifeforce energy. That’s why when Kung Fu masters shout out while chopping something in two with their hands or heads. Their shouts are very similar to what we call anger. Their anger or chi is focused, directed, very clear like an energy ball being pointed at something with precise accuracy.

This is exactly how you can use your ‘anger energy’, or Chi Lifeforce. When you track there is an energy ‘invasion’ in your system, or simply put; somebody is crossing your borders, you can very clearly and precise use that chi generated energy to make your border. This energy will be carried by your voice, will be transmitted through your body language. So organic and natural that you almost don’t notice you are making a border. It is simply less conscious energy meeting pure directed high-frequency energy.

Own your anger, own your chi life force, and your life becomes so much easier, lighter and more joyful. Because then there will be joy in anger.

All emotions are essentially the same. It is the flag our minds gives them, the amount of intolerance we have built around them. We hide them away by making them wrong since others made them wrong in the first place. In the dark, they turn themselves against us. They become self-blame, hate, anxiety and self-destruction. Once freed, we can breathe again and move away from being a victim of our own pain bodies. It's a long journey, but totally worth it.

Its called life.

Lucien Lecarme
Writer/Retreat Organizer/Crypto Educator

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